Introduction #2

Why is this number two you ask? Well the thing is I already wrote the first introduction consisting of all the things I wanted this website to be. I wanted this to be a place where I could share all of my favorite things. Everything from my favorite TV shows to my favorite books, but as I was sitting here at my desk writing a letter to an old friend, I realized this needed to be so much more. I needed to share my stories. My heart. The things I have overcome, the things I have dealt with. You may be thinking…well she hasn’t really had a hard life…to that I say…you are 100% correct. I haven’t had a hard life. However, everyone has their fair share of obstacles and trials in life.

I have had to deal with many things in my life. I have had to overcome a family members cancer diagnosis, the loss of friends throughout the years, and the biggest hardship of all, the loss of loved ones. With all the difficult times, I have also been blessed with many things. I have been able to go to college, have an amazing family, and have had some amazing friends.

I guess the point is although I have been through some troubling times, I am still alive. I still have the capability of sharing my stories and changing the things I want to change with my life. So with all this being said, I have chosen to make this opportunity more personal than I originally intended. I will still continue my original idea, but maybe by making the decision to open up about some of the more important things in life, I can help others who have found themselves in a dark place.

Due to a personal trial, I have made the decision to take this leap of faith. Even if I end up doing journey all on my own, maybe it will still help me find the answers I need to become a better person. However, I do sincerely hope to see everyone in the next chapter of this journey.

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  1. Welcome to the blog-o-sphere!!!. It seems like you had a rough road and you’re coming out of that tunnel. Hopefully you’ll reach your destination whereever it may be :).


    1. yeah. It’s been rough and one of these days I will write about the events that brought me to writing. I just am not quite emotionally ready to handle the truth just yet

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      1. When you’re ready. Until then. Also, I’ve followed you on twitter. If you want to met other bloggers, or be lazy have some one spread some of your posts around then xDD


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