Boys Over Flowers Review

(From left to right) Woo-bin, Yi-jung, Jun-pyo, Jan-di, and Ji-hoo

I am not really sure what got me interested in Asian dramas. What I do remember is that I was searching Netflix for something new to watch and Boys Over Flowers popped up on my home screen. I read the synopsis of the show, and it caught my attention enough I added it to my list to watch at a later date. It wasn’t until a few months later I decided to watch Boys Over Flowers. Once I watched it, I fell down an incredible rabbit hole. I continuously binge watched Asian dramas for the better part of three or four months. I have probably watched upwards of 30 already this year. However, my love for Asian dramas started the moment I started watching Boys Over Flowers.

The story begins when high school student Geum Jan Di makes a dry cleaning delivery to Shinhwa High School, a school for the super rich and elite. The school is ran by the F4, a group of boys who are the kids to the richest and most powerful people in Korea. Jan Di gets put in the middle of a situation involving a student trying to kill himself due to the bullying from other students on behalf of F4. She instinctively saves the boy from jumping off the building earning her the name of “Wonder Girl”. After a series of events, Jan Di is invited to attend Shinhwa High. At the school, she comes face to face with the notorious F4. After butting heads for awhile, leader of the F4, Gu Jun Pyo, begins to fall in love with Jan Di. Gu Jun Pyo then tries to woo Jan Di without much luck. Eventually, they do get together and the remainder of the series is the two of them dealing with the hardships of a forbidden relationship.

Geum Jan Di and Gu Jun Pyo

Originally when I watched Boys Over Flowers, I was blown away by everything about it. However, the more I watched it I found things I didn’t care for. It went from my all time favorite Korean drama to one that I really only like for one reason. The character Yoon Ji Hoo, (Jan Di’s soul mate and best friend) played by Kim Hyun Joong is the main reason why I love Boys Over Flowers so much. His character is completely different from all the arrogant members of F4. He is always putting Jan Di first and keeping her safe from all the stupidity she gets into. He is there for her no matter how much it pains him. As if his personality wasn’t enough, his smile is quite the knockout. I find mytself smiling every time I see it.

Other than Ji Hoo, there are a few other positive notes about Boys Over Flowers. First of all, the music is great. They are placed in appropriate places and they are very catchy. Some of the songs are done by the actors/actresses who play in the show. In my opinion, that is amazing as it allows the publicity for the music as well. The other thing I really like about the show are the characters (for the most part). I did enjoy the F4 characters (aside from the main character). The character Woo-Bin, although he is not seen a whole lot, he is a fantastic comic relief. There is a scene in which he is in Jun Pyo’s bedroom and Jan Di comes looking for Jun Pyo to help her with something. Woo-bin then tells her Jun Pyo is in the bathroom. Come to find out he was just getting out of the shower and she walks in on him. It was just little tricks like that and I found myself liking Woo-bin more and more. As for Yi Jung, his and Ga-Eul’s love story, it just melted my heart and a lot of times, I found myself wanting to see more of their relationship than that of Gu Jun Pyo and Jan Di. The chemistry between the actor and actress who play Yi-jung and Ga-eul can not be denied. It is so genuine, it is hard not to watch their love blossom.

Ji-hoo with his knockout smile.

On the other hand, there are a few things that kind of got on my nerves about Boys Over Flowers. I think first and foremost on the list is Jan-di and Jun-pyo’s relationship. Watching the show from the beginning and watching the events unfold, there is no way that they would actually make it as a couple in real life (I guess that is why it is on TV). Not only that but Jan-di seems to get over Ji-hoo real quick and a hurry. There was no cool down period or anything. Their relationship in my eyes just doesn’t seem plausible. Second of all, although the concept for the story is fantastic, the execution of this particular take on Boys Over Flowers was a disappointment. It seemed to just have an abrupt end, and there is nothing I dislike more than bogus endings. They don’t really tie up all the ends and I feel like at the very least it should have included the wedding. There just could have been so much more to the series. Finally, the love story between Gu Jun Pyo and Jan-di just becomes annoying after awhile. It becomes very predictable as to what will happen and it gets boring. Like I said earlier, I found myself more interested in the side love story between Yi-jung and Ga-eul (Jan-di’s best girl friend). Their relationship was just far more real.

Ga-eul and Yi-jung

Overall, I would recommend watching Boys Over Flowers. It is a Cinderella like story that has its moments. With a strong woman lead, it doesn’t disappoint. The characters are rather easy on the eyes as well. It’s certainly hard to complain when it comes to the charms of the characters. Boys Over Flowers keeps your attention and makes you wonder what comes next. Will they stay together? Will Ji-hoo come sweeping in to save the day? You’ll have to watch it to get the details.


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