Procrastination at Its Finest

I don’t even know where to start. This week has been by far one of the busiest weeks I have had all year. I decided to get back into the groove of writing, which in retrospect I probably should have put off a little longer. I have started watching my nephew on top of my four children. Of course, I find this all as a blessing, but on top of everything, I am having a birthday party for two of my kids. (They are turning 4 and 1).

I guess I will start off with the biggest trial this week, the birthday party. This is probably the first party that I have truly had for my kids. I know that sounds terrible, but let me explain. All the other birthdays my children have had we have been living in different states than our family so we have really only planned small intimate parties. However, this year, we have moved back home where we are much closer to family, so we invited everyone to celebrate their birthdays with us. Sounds great, right? Well in a way it is. Of course, spending special days with family is extremely important and fun. However, it always seems that my kids can not have normal birthday parties. They always seem to pick themes that make getting decorations near impossible…hints the stress of throwing this party.

My (soon to be) four year old decided that he wanted a Minecraft birthday party. Now, I thought ‘Sure Minecraft is extremely popular and should be really easy to find decorations.’ Boy was I WRONG!!! The only things I could find when I went shopping for this party was table cloths, plates, and napkins. So, in perfect mommy fashion, I decided I would just use some of our leftover moving boxes to create some decorations. That is where the trouble started. Did I mention, I am going to be having roughly 40 people at this party. So needless to say, I spend the entirety of my week creating the perfect Minecraft party for my EXTREMELY sassy four year old.

I have been up to my ears in paint, glue, and cardstock paper. I’ve been making everything from 3D sheep to a fully functional chest. It has been absolutely crazy. I have used more Modge Podge in the past week than I have in an entire decade.

However, I am finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I have finished most of the decortations. All I have left is the chest. Unfortunately, my duties do not get to stop there. I have two days left, and I still have to go shopping for the food and on party day I still have to prepare food and put up decorations. Usually, my mom would help me out with these things, but somehow she ended up having to work the day of the party. I am on my own on this one. Which also doesn’t help with my mental state. I am the kind of person who stresses over everything. I am a perfectionist and even more than that I have social anxiety. Meaning that since I am in charge of this party, I am going to be very close to panic attacks at every corner just because I am the host.

With all this being said, the exhaustion will all be worth it to see the reaction on my son’s face when he sees all that I have done. I just hope that my anxiety will stay in check so I can actually enjoy the party itself.

Well, I guess that is all of the update I really have to share today. Maybe during the party I will take some pics and share the end result with you guys. I guess that is enough ranting for one day. Thanks again for joining me in this new found adventure.

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