Top 5 K-Pop Bands

This is a really crazy and random topic to choose for my blog, but I must confess I may have a slight obsession with K-pop. As for how I got introduced to it in the first place is a crazy story in itself.

My older brother used to live across the street from me. We would all the time show up out of the blue because that is what family does. Now, one day when I ran over there to grab something, I walked in to see him watching kpop videos on Youtube. Initially, I was shocked. This was a guy that was always making fun of the music I listened to and told me how much it sucked. Meanwhile, he watched kpop videos in the comfort of his own home. Anyway, the tune was catchy and the dancing was mesmerizing. I ended up sitting there and watching these videos with him for a couple hours. Thus, the obsession was born.

With that being said, in those years I have listened to quite a few bands, and I have obviously developed my favorites from those. I have seen the good, bad, and straight up strange. So, here I am today to share my Top 5 Korean pop bands.

Number 5: Girls Generation

Girls Generation was one that I was introduced to by my brother. However, I have grown more attached to them through the years. They made this list because a lot of their songs are super catchy and their dancing is on point. The only reason they are not higher is because the bands that rank higher on this list have more songs that I listen to more frequently and more of a quantity. Maybe I just need to take the time to explore Girls Generation a little more and listen to more songs. I have noticed that through the years the group has decreased significantly in numbers. They are now down to only five members. However, if you decide you want to go check them out (if you haven’t already) some of my favorites are ‘Oh!’, ‘The Boys’ and ‘Mr. Mr.’.

Mr. Mr.- Girls Generation

Number 4: TWICE

TWICE is a fairly new addition to my list of kpop bands. I was watching Weekly Idol on Youtube when I saw a boy group dancing to one of their songs and was compelled to go check out TWICE. I must say they did not disappoint. Again, I was really drawn in by their dance skills and upbeat songs. I always find myself dancing along or staring at the screen like a moron trying to figure out their choreography. Some of my favorites include ‘Cheer Up’, ‘Likey Likey’, and ‘Dance the Night Away’. There are plenty more that I enjoy those just seem to be my go to songs. I highly recommend checking them out if you enjoy kpop or even just dance choreography. I have found that kpop groups are so in sync with their group members, it gets scary sometimes. I think they may be robots (I am kidding).

Cheer Up- TWICE

Number 3: ZE:A

Now, this is the only boy band that appears on this list. I am not sure why, but I am more drawn to the girl groups than I am the guy groups. However, the last three on my list were WAY to hard to put in order as I love all three groups pretty equally. I found this group after watching some of my kdramas. I happened to be checking the IMDB page of Dong Jun (Black) and noticed he was in a group and I was compelled to check them out. However, I forgot. Then I was watching Strong Girl Bong Soon and was checking Hyung Sik’s IMDB page and noticed he was in the same group as Dong Jun. I immediately checked them out and became obsessed. I was taken in by the power of their voices, choreography, and just the fact I was a fan girl of Dong Jun and Hyung Sik. I love pretty much every song that I have listened to by them. However, if I have to pick three as my favorites it would have to be ‘Aftermath’, ‘Watch Out’, and ‘Breathe’. The choreography to all of their songs are absolutely breathtaking and so together. Their music speak volumes. Maybe I am just a crazy fan girl.


Number 2: Dreamcatcher

I don’t even know where to start with Dreamcatcher. They are also a fairly new edition to my kpop obsession. They made it so far on this list because they are AMAZING. Their choreography is amazing,their time is amazing, and their music is a little different. It is more rock than it is pop music. Their videos have dark undertones and everything about them is different. What initially caught my eye with Dreamcatcher was their choreography. I was watching Weekly Idol X2 speed dances and I stumbled across this group. When I watched them do not only their own choreography at double speed, but another well known kpop group (Infinite) choreography at double speed, let’s just say I was IMPRESSED and had to know more and see more. For those reasons alone is why they surpassed so many veterans to this list. Some of my favorites include ‘You and I’, ‘Good Night’, and ‘Chase Me’. However, they also did a cover of Maroon 5’s Lucky Strike and it is phenomenal, and personally I like their version better.

You and I- Dreamcatcher

Number 1: Apink

Apink is the first kpop group I listened to back when my brother introduced me to them. However, that is not why they are at the top of this list. They are there for a completely different reason. They made the number one slot because there is not a song by them that I don’t listen to. Any time I turn on my playlist of kpop, I can’t bring myself to skip a single song. Not only that, but the personalities of these girls just makes me want to keep following their adventures. I watch pretty much any Weekly Idol video that has Apink in it. The random dance plays, the double speed dance, and even the interviews. They are just the epitome of adorable. I don’t even think I can pick just three songs to recommend. My favorites include, ‘Mr. Chu’, ‘Remember’, ‘I’m So Sick’, ‘LUV’, and ‘No No No’. Now that is certainly not all of them, as I can sit and listen to pretty much any song that they put out and love every minute of it.

Remember- Apink

Well that is it for the list of my favorite groups. Before I go, I must clarify that I have been a dancer since I was 5, so great choreography and synchronization are one of the main reasons why I watch and listen to so many of these groups. Songs also have to be catchy. I have to be able to get up and dance with them of course. Anyway, because I couldn’t find another place to put it and I truly feel like I have to add it. I am adding the Weekly Idol Dreamcatcher video at the bottom of this post. Thank you so much for taking the time to read another one of my dumb lists. I hope to see you in the next one. I should be getting back to my schedule tomorrow.

Weekly Idol ft. Dreamcatcher 2X speed dance

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  1. You’re lucky to have a brother that listens to Kpop! 😀 I’m not familiar with Apink’s music but I know they’re one of the few old groups that are still active. Aside from their cute light stick, I don’t know anything about this group, up until now. I understand now why they are able to sustain their momentum despite of new groups debuting. Thank you for this recommendation! I fell in love with Remember 🙂 Dreamcatcher is one of my favorite groups too. Their live performances never fail to amaze me. Girls Gen and TWICE is on the list of my favorite groups as well. ^^


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