Top 10 Love Interests in Asian Dramas

I spend A LOT of my TV time watching Asian dramas. It is pretty much the only thing I watch on my Netflix account besides anime. Everything on my home page of Netflix is Asian dramas. I probably have a problem and need an intervention, but hey it could be worse. Anyway, that is why I decided to make another list of my top 10(although last time it was 5). As the title suggests, this time it is my favorite love interests.

Now for this list, I have decided to solely focus on male characters. I think it more or less comes down to the fact the main characters are usually girls being pursued by the guys. Now don’t get me wrong, there are usually girl rivals that show up in the middle of shows to drive the point that the main character really cares for said dude. However, for this list, I just wanted to keep it superficial and on the straight and narrow. I will also say there are not many winning guys on this list, merely because I am always rooting for the guy that loses. I don’t know what it is with my track record, but any romance that I ever watch….I always root for the loser. I don’t know. Maybe the fault lies with me. With all that being said, I guess let’s jump right into the list, shall we?

Number 10: Shi Bo Hai ( Kunda Hsieh)

Shi Bo Hai comes from Love Cheque Charge, a Taiwanese drama about a girl who is dumped by her boyfriend via getting someone to do the dirty work for him. The guy, He Bu Fan, then tells her if she isn’t married by the age of 30, he will marry her. Well, Bo Hai is that ex-boyfriend. Although, he sounds like a terrible guy for doing such a thing, he has his reasons. After all these things come to light, Bo Hai’s personality really shines. He made this list because he is the most thoughtful and reliable guy in the entire series. Not only that but his love for Man Man never waivers, even when she is pursuing Bu Fan. He is nothing but supportive and caring. He does everything in his power to ensure she is safe and happy, even when it comes with a great cost to himself. This selfless behavior is what placed his on this list.

Number 9: Daichi Shinozaki ( Dôri Sakurada )

Daichi Shinozaki, is the childhood friend of Nao in the Japanese drama Good Morning Call. He has always cared for Nao and their families are extremely close. With these factors, eventually, he comes to love her. He is a main character in the first season and only makes side appearances in season two. Although his part is short lived, I can’t help but to care about him and his relationship with Nao. He is the big brother character that is always looking out for her without her knowledge. He takes the initiative to care for her and comfort her when she is down. He even rescues her when her Valentine’s Date falls through and is left alone and falling to pieces in the rain. He is always there and there is just something about him that makes me root for him from the very beginning.

Number 8: Oh Man-Soo (Kim Dong-jun)

Now, this is one character I am not entirely sure why I like him as much as I do. Oh Man-so is the son of a business owner who is given the company when it is left in ruins. He takes this as an opportunity to bring the business out of the gutter. After learning of Ha-ram’s ability to see grim reapers (which she only sees as black mist), he hires her to check on the people in the company to ensure they aren’t going to die (I am pretty sure they have an insurance company). After spending time with her, he begins to develop feelings for her. These feelings are not reciprocated, but I think I rooted for him knowing that he was the only one who Ha-ram could actually come to be with in the end. He risks his life on multiple occasions to save her from different things. She gets involved with a serial killer at one point and he follows her and saves her when she gets attacked. His dedication to Ha-ram is off the charts and his charisma really shines.

Number 7: Chi Wen-kai (Aaron Yan)

Refresh Man is a Taiwanese drama about Zhong Yu Tang, who is a company CEO’s secretary. When suddenly they get a new CEO, she is demoted to the bottom rung of the company, by the new CEO which happens to be the kid she picked on in high school. She suddenly finds herself as a refresh man. If you don’t know what a “refresh man” is A “Refresh Man” is an employee who has no passion for their job. They don’t care about their reputation for underachievement, as long as they get paid for showing up to work. They report to work on time only to do personal stuff during working hours and count down to the end of the work day to leave on time. Now, the reason why Wenkai has made this list is because he is so calculated and cunning. He is great at keeping work and his personal life separate. Now, I don’t want to give away too much about the actual story, as I am sure that I will cover it eventually. What I can say is that he is very good at the work he does and pushes Zhong Yu Tang to become a better person and worker without being overbearing. Wenkai brings out the best in her and that is what placed him on this list.

Number 6:Wu Bosong (Gao Zhi Ting)

I know I have talked about Bosong before, as he is one of my favorite characters in all the shows I have watched. Coming from A Love So Beautiful, he is the love rival of the main character. Bosong is funny and is always dedicated to Xiao Xi. The entire time in high school he never strayed from trying to take care of her, even when she was chasing someone else. Even knowing that his love is one sided, he puts everything on the line when it comes to her. Even once she enters university, and they are separated, Bosong finds his own way to cheer Xiao Xi on from the sidelines. He is her number one fan and does everything in his power to prove that. His sincerity and dedication are what land him high on this list.

Number 5: Dylan ( Chu-he Chen)

You’re My Destiny is about Chen Xin-yi a woman who takes a cruise with her boyfriend only to find he is cheating on her. While on the ship, an incident occurs in which she ends up sleeping with a man. This leads to a huge scandal when she finds that she is pregnant. Now, Dylan is not that man. Instead he runs into Chen Xin-yi when she goes to the orphanage which she frequently visits to confess of her one night stand. Dylan also frequents at the orphanage as he was an orphan. He is playing hide and seek when he hides in the confession booth. It is there he meets Chen Xin-yi. He continues to run into her and soon finds himself caring for her. Now with the circumstances he can’t be with her. He is on this list because the fact that he can find himself in love with a woman carrying someone else’s child in the first place is amazing. Second of all, after a string of events, he is always there for her when she needs him the most. Eventually, she moves to Shanghai with him to start a new life. He helps her become a better and stronger person. These two things alone make for an astounding character. If those things weren’t enough, he also is never pushy about Chen Xin-yi returning his feelings. He is patient and lets her make the decision at her own pace. It is hard to find someone as incredible as Dylan.

Number 4: Issei Sata (Kentarô Itô)

Here is another character from Good Morning Call. It is amazing how many interests there are for Nao in this show. Issei is personally my absolute favorite among the list of suitors for Nao. I am not entirely sure what it is about Issei, but I love everything about his character. I am not sure if it is the chemisty between Nao and Issei or if it is something else entirely. I do know that Issei finds himself falling for Nao after their trip to the amusement park. His caring side is just too charming. Like many others in this list it is his care for the main character that lands him here. He is not afraid to ramp up his game to make Uhara (the main guy) see what a catch Nao is and how much she cares for him. Issei does everything he can to make sure that Nao gets her happy ending at the expense of his. He is always watching over her like a guardian angel, but never gets in the way. He is one of a kind. Did I mention he’s super charming?

Number 3: Yoon Ji Hoo (Kim Hyun-joong ) Boys Over Flowers

Oh man, these last three I could talk about forever. They were so hard to choose from. However, Ji-Hoo from Boys Over Flowers has made the number 3 spot. He is much like Issei in the fact that he would go to any length to ensure that his love gets her happy ending. However, he goes a little more beyond that. With Ji-hoo, he is willing to even defy his friends when it comes to his love. From the moment he laid eyes on Jan-di, he was taken by her. He is her best friend and everything he does is to benefit Jan-di in some way. Once he realizes that he truly loves her, he never leaves her side and is there through the darkest moments of her life. He is very selfless and compassionate. He also has a smile making anyone fall to their knees. Ji-hoo’s best trait lies in the fact that no matter the situation, he is always loyal to his friends. For example, when he is given the opportunity to take Jan-di as his own, he respects the decision of Jan-di as well as Gu Jun-Pyo. He understands their feelings without them understanding themselves. He doesn’t press issues and just overall is the silent protector of Jan-di.

Number 2: Xiao Nai (Yang Yang) Love O2O

Xiao Nai of Love O2O is by far one of my all time favorite characters from a drama. Wei Wei and Xiao Nai have one of the most unique relationships I have ever seen in a drama. I say this because the two of them are the closest thing to a perfect couple. I don’t think there is a single time in which they bicker and fight. They are loyal to each other from the very start even when it is just a virtual marriage. What makes Xiao Nai the best boyfriend is his loyalty by far. Any time there is an issue related to Wei Wei, Xiao Nai is immediately there to fix the situation. For example, when Wei Wei is dumped by her Virtual Husband so he can marry another girl, Xiao Nai proposes and in game marriage. Not only does he marry her in game, he makes it the biggest wedding imaginable on the server. He does these things around every corner and the relationship between Xiao Nai and Wei Wei is something that is truly to be envied.

Number 1: Ahn Min-hyuk (Park Hyung-sik) Strong Girl Bong Soon

OH MY GOODNESS!!!!! I don’t even know where to start with Min-hyuk. A game design CEO in the Korean drama Strong Girl Bong Soon, he is the most adorable and charming character I have ever seen. Explaining all the quirks is nearly impossible so I will do my best. However, with that being said, it is something that you just have to watch the development through watching the show. Now, Min-hyuk is by far the most adorable person on this list. He is completely over the top and it is just too much for the heart to handle. Although she maybe super strong, Bong Soon doesn’t stand a chance against the charm of Min-hyuk. The chemistry between Bong-soon and Min-hyuk is insane and to be honest I am extremely jealous of a realationship like that. Also, he legitimately risks his life for Bong soon on multiple occasions. If that isn’t dedication I don’t know what is. He has so many redeeming qualities that I instantly had to place him at the top of this list.

Well, this list has given me the inspiration for a few more of these segments and I really had fun with this list. I thought about this list for a while. While it wasn’t very difficult to pick those who belonged on this list, it was quite the challenge to rank them. Then only two I was sure with their placements was the number one and two slots. They are by far my favorite male characters in a drama. Not only that but they are probably my two favorite couples in a drama, but I will leave that list for another time. Thank you so much for taking the time checking out my favorites. I wouldn’t mind hearing what your thoughts and opinions are on this topic. Thank you so much and I hope to see everyone in the next one!!!


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