Animal Crossing Review

Animal Crossing is one of those games that you either love it or hate it. I, personally love this game. It is another one of those games that is great for just relaxing and having a stress free day on the couch. I found Animal Crossing back when Blockbuster was still a thing. My family and I used to go once every week to pick out a movies to watch together. A lot of times, my brother and I would find ourselves heading down the video game aisles to see what kind of new titles were out. Animal Crossing just jumped out at me on the shelf with its animals and cute art on the cover. I knew I had to bring it home to check it out. From the moment I put Animal Crossing in for the first time, I was hooked.

Animal Crossing is a simple game of life. You are a villager in the town of your choosing. It functions in real time and is set by the clock on your GameCube (or whatever system you are playing on). What makes this game so fun is that it seems like a real world. There are events that take place on certain days. Your town celebrates holidays like Christmas, Halloween, and Fourth of July. There are many other things you can do throughout your town. You can write letters to the animals that live in your town, as well as other players you choose to share your town with. You can do favors for animals in your village. You can catch different kinds of fish in different seasons, as well as bugs. You can decorate your house. There are just a ton of things that your town can offer.

The townsfolk all have their own personalities and I found myself truly caring for them. If you don’t play in a while, you risk your neighbors moving out of town. While this gives the chance for new people to move in, it is still a bittersweet moment. This is especially true when they were your favorite character. I just to visit my cousin’s town all the time in my game, as we played a lot of Animal Crossing together. There were a few times when my neighbors would move out of my town into hers. I am pretty sure that I lost my favorite neighbor that way. It was heartbreaking in a way.

Static- my personal favorite character.

While there is really no true objective to the game, I still found myself really just enjoying myself when I was trying to collect different things in town. I would try to collect a whole furniture set, or catch all the fish and bugs. That is a task I still haven’t completed to this day. The darn bees keep getting away from me. The biggest task I remember trying to complete was the K.K. Slider songs. I remember getting the hidden songs was the biggest accomplishment for me. ‘Two Days Ago’ and ‘I Love You’. They were my favorites.

I think the story I remember most about Animal Crossing is sitting in my closet fort playing it with my cousin. There was one time she accidentally bumped the power cord and it came unplugged and when when turned it back on we were faced with Mr. Resetti. That was so terrifying! In his dialogue, he stated that I didn’t save and quit so he was going to erase my entire town because I didn’t care (or something along those lines). My heart jumped out of my chest! I am pretty sure that I cried, and my cousin was apologizing so many times. He eventually said he was kidding, but not to do it again. I was relieved, and a little embarrassed. I cried of the potential of losing video game data…it was sad.

I mean I could go on for days about Animal Crossing and all the memories I have of playing it. It was a stepping stone for me in branching out to similar games, and they quickly became some of my favorite titles. So, if you need a game to just chill out and relax, or maybe just something to waste a little time. I highly recommend checking out Animal Crossing. Make some memories with some virtual animals friends because why not?! So, I guess this is all I will share for now. Maybe if anyone is interested, I will share some other Animal Crossing stories at a different time. There are so many. I am so thankful for this game and I cannot wait until the new one comes out in March. You can bet I will pick it up!

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