L <3 DK Review

L<3DK is one of those manga I just happened to stumble upon. I think my husband came across it and mentioned that I would probably like it. He also said that it reminds him a lot of some of the Asian dramas we watch. Which I must say, 100% truth. The more I read L<3DK, the more dramas I managed to relate to it. The most common ones that I found a relation to were Good Morning Call, Mischievous Kiss, and at times Peach Girl.

L<3DK is an ongoing manga by Ayu Watanabe, and I honestly have no idea how it is meant to be pronounced. Anyways, this manga follows a sophmore girl named Aoi Nishimori. She cannot stand the ever so popular senior student named Shuusei Kugayama. After confronting Kugayama, Nishimori learns that he is her neighbor, and after a incident that leaves his place uninhabital, she allows him to stay with her while renovations are being done. In this time, Nishimori gets a look behind the veil that is Shuusei Kugayama. It doesn’t take long after living with him, Nishimori falls hard for him, and thus begins the tale of a girl trying to figure out love and all the things that come with loving someone. Eventually, she meets the family, and they all have their own issues. The cousin and best friend of Kugayama is by far the most notable. He is sent from the US to retrieve Kugayama by his uncle.When he arrives, the cousin learns of Kugayama’s girlfriend and begins hunting her down. He doesn’t believe that Nishimori when she says that she is the girlfriend he has been looking for. Eventually after learning the truth, he moves into the house with the two lovebirds. Soon afterwards, he begins to develop feelings for Nishimori and a love triangle is born. This is my favorite part of the entire series thus far.

Like I said, L<3DK is like a modge podge of a lot of different manga, anime, or other dramas all mixed into one. I am okay with that fact, my only issue is that it makes it all that much more predictable. With that being said, don’t get me wrong, I read everything that has come out thus far that I could find. I love it, and even though it resembles other things, sometimes to a T, I still want more every time I pick it up. It does have its own unique qualities as well. Those are what kept me hooked and wanting more.

Overall, if you are obsessed with romance manga or the idea of romance,L<3DK is probably right up your alley. It is the epitome of a romance drama and I know that I liked it. However, as far as I know, the manga is still ongoing so there will be waiting involved when it comes to learning all of Nishimora and Kugayama’s story. For me, it is worth the wait.

There isn’t really much else that I can really tell without just telling the entire story, and I don’t really care for spoilers. If this happens to peak your interest, I suggest you find it and read it for yourself. I truly am sorry this one is so short, but with it being an ongoing manga, it is difficult for me to review it, or give more information regarding the plot line without giving away everything. So, I guess that is it for now, I will more than likely revisit this series once there is more of the story released and hopefully, review the story and its entirety after the story has reached its conclusion. So, until next time guys! Thanks again for reading, and I hope to see everyone here for the next diamond in the rough I find!!!

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