Kill la Kill Review

Before I even get into this one, I must say KilllaKill is probably one of the strangest anime that I have watched in a really long time. Even so, it is still probably one of the better ones that I have watched. KilllaKill is a story about a girl named Ryuko Matoi who is on a quest for revenge for her father. Throughout this quest, she has discovered Lady Satsuki knows something about her father’s death. After a crushing defeat, Matoi is lead to the discovery of a Komoui. This komoui is a school girl uniform that can talk and was made for the soul purpose of destroying clothes. It is a very strange concept. After meeting her Kamoui, and learning of its power, Matoi decides to go after Lady Satsuki. Once she enters the school, she has to take on essentially the entire student body. That is about all I can say without giving a lot of the plot twists and important story away. So, if you want to know more you will have to watch it.

With that being said, the uniqueness of this show is what gives it its charm, at least in my opinion. The art style is very typical. However, the story is in a league all of its own. Like I said, I have never seen anything like it. I think at first, I just thought it was going to cash in on the perverseness and nudity. However, it quickly changed my mind. when Matoi defeats someone in battle, she cuts their clothes off of them rendering them naked in front of usually a lot of people. However, the creators always manage for find a clever way to sensor the nudity and make it all that much more fun to watch.

This show had me going through an emotional roller coaster through the whole thing. There were times when I could feel the hatred of a character through the TV. I laughed. I cried. I was a mess through it all. I am pretty good at guess how shows will turn out and guess what will happen next…not the case with KilllaKill. It had me guessing every step of the way, and everyone likes surprises to some extend. It was a nice change in pace for me.

My absolute favorite thing is the humor given within the show. Most of the time, humor is recieved through Matoi’s best friend, Mako and her family. The poor girl is so oblivious to pretty much everything, but that is what makes her what I would probably call the best character in the whole series. Mako carries the show. She is given not only 90% of the humor, but she also diffuses a lot of the major issues in the show, even if it is unintentional.

I mean if you want the cliff’s note version it is a magical girl concept with lots of destruction of clothing and a lot of nudity in pretty much every episode. Don’t worry if you aren’t into that kind of thing, this show is still amazing. There are so many funny moments that all the awkward ones just seem to be left in the background. I don’t think there was a single episode that I wasn’t laughing about something really stupid. I absolutely recommend you take some time to watch this one. There are twist and turns around every corner and is very easy to find yourself binge watching.

So, now it is time for me to wrap this thing up, so that you can go and watch the super awesomeness that is KilllaKill. See you in the next one!!!

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