Abyss Review

Here it is the beginning of October, the spookiest time of the year. It is also my favorite time. I mean who doesn’t like spooky things. Anyways, because it is that time of year again. It is time to start reviewing all the spooky or sometimes spoopy material. So, my plan for this month is that all of things I review are going to have a scary element in them.

So, here with are with the Korean drama Abyss. Now, of course this is your typical drama and it has love stories thrown into the craziness. However, I had a hard time even paying attention to those aspects because the darker element of the show was more powerful.

Abyss is about a man who was a day away from his wedding. Suddenly, the fiance calls off the wedding, simply stating that she couldn’t look at his face for the rest of her life. Obviously, he is not physically attractive. However, that all changes when he finds himself on top of a tower planning on jumping to his death. He calls his best friend and first crush, Go Se-yeon to talk to her one final time. While he is on the phone with her, sort of, a strong wind picks up knocking him off the building. It is after he lands, he meets what I assume to be aliens of some sort. They give him a glowing “marble” called the abyss. It can essentially bring people back from the dead. What is even more crazy is the fact that now, Cha Min looks 100% different. He is now drop dead gorgeous, as the Abyss brings people back in the appearance of their soul. Since Cha Min had a beautiful soul, he became beautiful. As you can imagine, it doesn’t take long before this becomes a problem as no one believes him when he says who he truly is.

Meanwhile, Go Se-yeon is one the top prosecutors in the area. She is currently on a mission to help a man solve the cold case of his daughter. While her boss tells her to leave it be, she can’t seem to follow his directions. This man is a serial killer and she is trying to put him behind bars finally. This quickly becomes a problem, and she is soon murdered because she couldn’t leave things alone.

At Go Se-yeon’s funeral, he doesn’t take it well and eventually brings her back to life as well. When she comes back, she comes back as a more ordinary looking person instead of her beautiful appearance she had before death. The abyss at work again with the appearance of their souls. This is where the snowball effect picks up drastically. Se-yeon decides she wants to find out who killed her, and Cha Min agrees to help as long as they can find his fiance in the process.

As they begin searching for answers to the murder of Go Se-yeon, they discover that not everything is as black and white as it seems. They learn that mistakes have been made and that they need to fix the issues they have created with the help of the abyss. As time goes on, things get more and more complicated as they have made new enemies in their hunt for the truth. They quickly become targets themselves and have to put the pieces together on their own. Now, I don’t want to give away all the details, so I am keeping the innards of this story as vague as possible.

Throughout the rest of the story, Cha Min and Se-yeon learn the price of the truth. They lose people and relationships that mean the most to them. They must make sacrifices whether they are physical or emotional. They must learn to live with the consequences of pretending to be other people as well as the use of abyss.

Overall, I absolutely love Abyss. It is probably one of my favorite dramas of 2019 if not of all time. It has a darker plot with love story undertones. It is the perfect blend of a true story in my opinion. It was easy to sit and binge watch and I am sure I will find myself buying myself a copy for my collection if I can possibly find one. While some of the plot points were very predictable, a lot of them were not. Maybe I am also a little biased as Park Bo-young is my favorite Korean actress. I pretty much love everything she is in and this is certainly not an exception.

Anyways, I know I didn’t give a whole lot on the plot point after the first episode, but I really do think this is something you have to watch for yourself. It gives you the rainbow of emotions. There were times that I was crying then not even five minutes later I was laughing to the point of tears. It is all around fantastic and that is why I certainly have to give this one 5 stars.

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