ThirTEEN Terrors Episode 7-10 Review

Here we are again with another set of episodes of ThirTEEN Terrors. The Thai anthology series about high school students discovering secrets about their school and learning terrifying truths. In this edition we will be covering “A Night of Disobedience”, “Eb Tay”, “Things that Shouldn’t Be Thought”, and ” The Stain”. Now, I am not sure if these are the true titles, but after my extensive research to find the titles, these were the one’s I saw the most often. I decided to cover four this time simply because thirteen is not divisible by 3. I had to put the extra episode somewhere. To those who have already checked out the other two parts of this series, kudos to you for sticking around this long, and thank you! Now, let’s hop right into the episodes.

Episode 7: A Night of Disobedience

A Night of Disobedience starts with a group of high school kids, naturally. These kids are making preparations for club sign ups and are working on their club’s booth. When the security guard decides to kick all the students out and lock up for the night, the group hides and decides to stay behind to get more work done instead. This quickly leads to the group slacking off and creating a nuisance. Eventually, they head of to a part of the school that is closed of for reconstruction. Obviously, this is off limits due to the danger of construction equipment being left unattended, etc. That doesn’t stop the group as they see it as an opportunity to avoid the creepy school security guard.

The group soon decides that they will go swimming in the pool (that is under construction I might add). How stupid can they get? They begin to play stupid games and make stupid dares. The one that comes back to bite them is when they decide to jump off some (rather flimsy) scaffolding into the pool. They certainly receive quite a shock! The security guard quickly shows up and begins chasing the kids. They are on a mission to find their missing friend. He had disappeared while the group was jumping of the scaffolding. In their attempt to find him, they are chased by the security guard throughout the school, and the other members of the group begin disappearing one after another.

In my opinion, this episode is only great because of the ending. Everything else is just long and drawn out. It is also rather cliche. The entire episode consists of the group running and hiding from the security guard of the school. That is why I could only find it to give 4 stars. Like I said, the ending is what makes this episode. It is not at all what I was expecting, but at the same time should have suspected. All the clues were right there. I should have been able to figure it out.

Episode 8: Eb Tay

Eb Tay is a story about a boy named Turk who is in the video club. He creates videos of pulling pranks on people. This becomes a very serious issue when he puts a camera in the girls’ bathroom and creates a bathroom ghost. One girl actually ends up in the hospital due to shock because of what he has done. As Turk is checking the footage of the girl who went to the hospital, he sees something strange. He notices a second ghost in the reflection of the mirror. The next day, he has a girl set the camera back up in the bathroom to try and catch the ghost again. Later that night, he proceeds to watch the footage in real time. This time, he sees a girl walk into the stall and not come back out. The following day, he heads to the girls’ bathroom to investigate the stall itself. This is when he has a run in with the ghost himself. He decides to investigate the issue even farther. He learns that Mind, the girl who went to the hospital had seen the ghost of her late best friend, DeeDe. DeeDe was the star of the school and head cheerleader. However, someone set up a hidden camera in the bathroom and filmed her. This resulted in her committing suicide. Thus, she became a ghost. After further investigation, Turk gets down to the truth of the matter, and man it’s a doozy. It shows just how much high school can mess with a person. All the small things can create a snowball effect and ruin someone. It also goes to show just how easy it is to ruin a girl’s reputation.

This is another one of those episodes that was mediocre at best. It had a good concept, but I feel like it could have been better executed. Again, with this one, the ending was something that I just didn’t really see coming. Well, I didn’t see the person who was responsible. The events of the ending I did. There are only so many ways you can go with the classic ghost story. What I did enjoy was the underlying meaning. Showing how easy it is to ruin someone’s reputation as well as showing the difficulties a lot of girls face in high school. These are all things that can potentially happen. Take out the ghost, and it could be a true story, or if you believe in ghosts, then the whole thing could be a true story. It is all a matter of perspective. It wasn’t bad, but it certainly wasn’t my favorite of the series. It is worth the watch though.

Episode 9: Things That Shouldn’t Be Thought

“Things that Shouldn’t Be Thought” is about the new girl at school who is called Bee. She is a little bit of an odd duck. She collects plants and isn’t very good with people. She is often bullied. There are three girls that often pick on her and try to prank her. There is also some creepy story about the mannequin at the school being alive in a way. Anyway, this girl is trying to blend in with her fellow students as directed by her teacher. She must participate in the group assignments,etc. She begins to let the story of the mannequin get the better of her, and starts becoming paranoid, even having nightmares. The following day, the girls try to pull a prank on Bee, but instead they are the ones who are in for a surprise.

“Things that Shouldn’t Be Thought” was an episode that from the start creeped me out. I mean within the first couple minutes there was a girl who was attacked by a store mannequin. Those things are creepy plain and simple. This episode is so difficult for me to understand. It was almost as if there were two separate stories going on, and they just weren’t connected very well. This episode is by far the odd duck of the series. None of them are similar to this episode. I just don’t care for this episode. It was sloppy and very very confusing. I feel like focusing on one aspect would have made it much better.

Episode 10: The Stain

“The Stain” starts out with a punch. The first scene is of a girl who jumps off the school building, of an all girl’s school. However, this story follows Tong, a girl who is known for getting into trouble at her previous schools. Immediately, she begins to get into trouble. She causes a disruption by simply trying to find a seat, and cussing in class. She quickly becomes the outcast and has no friends. You know the typical new kid status. As the story progresses, Tong learns more about the girl who jumped to her death and the reasons behind it. She learns that there were rumors going around the school that the girl had an affair with a teacher and got pregnant. This caused all the students around to bully her and tell her to die. As a high school student, this is sometimes all it takes. Now, the thing is, it is just that, a rumor. The girl was a victim of false rumors and was expelled for it. This leads to things all coming together about the school itself.

“The Stain” is an okay episode. It isn’t bad, but it isn’t the best that I have seen from this show. It has a similar plot point as “Eb Tay”. It is all about the abilities of ruining a girl’s reputation and the impact that it has on that girl’s life. I do think that I like this one a little better than “Eb Tay”simply because it is not as complicated, and I just like Tong as a character. She is the definition of different, and I can see why they picked that type of character to portray in this episode.

Overall, these episodes are okay. I mean I would still watch them. The only one that I feel like is a wasted time is “Things that Shouldn’t Be Thought”. Maybe it is just because I don’t fully understand the story. However, I have watched it twice now, and it is still just as confusing as the first time.

I hope that you enjoyed this review, and I hope that it will help you decide whether or not to take the time to check out ThirTEEN Terrors for yourself. There is still three episodes to go so I hope to see you all in the next one. Thanks for taking the time out of your day to read this! I’ll see you next time!


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