My Lack of Manga

Okay! So in case you haven’t noticed, I haven’t really been doing a lot of my manga reviews. The truth is my personal collection of manga is rather sad looking. I usually find my content at my local library. However, I have been struggling to find something that really peaks my interest, but also isn’t super long. While the length of a manga doesn’t matter to me all that much, shorter one’s would be great, at least until I can get a little ahead in the game. My whole goal is to get this month’s posts scheduled within the next week or so. That way, if something does come up or I don’t have time,I will still be ahead of the game.

Now, I am going to the library today, so maybe I will find something to work with, if not, well I don’t know what I will do in that case. I don’t really have the money to go out and buy an entire series worth of manga. Especially, when it can potentially be not so great.

So, in the meantime, I will still be writing on Mondays I just don’t know what those will entail. I mean I failed pretty miserably in the October department. I am pretty upset with myself in those regards. My favorite month and I bombed all the things I wanted to do. Time just got away from me. Then of course had to find super sweet costumes. Also, became much more of a hassle, and to be 100% honest, procrastination just got the best of me, and time escaped into oblivion.

One of these days I will get my act together. Although, I wouldn’t count on it being any time soon. There is so much going on. With the holidays rapidly approaching, time is going to be essentially nonexistent. This year, all the holidays will be held at my house, on both sides of my family so I have to prepare for all of those things accordingly. Of course, then I have to do all that dreaded shopping. There just are so many things to do and not enough time in the world to get them done.

So, I guess I will try my best to get as far ahead as I can, but I am sorry if I can’t manage to juggle everything. It is a flaw of mine. I take on too many projects at once, then everything just gets away from me in the end…

Wish me luck. I hope everyone will bear with me, and stick around a little longer!!

Thanks for taking the time for this little rant….


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