Kakegurui Season 1 Review

In this not so typical high school anime, our main character Yumeko Jibami, finds herself at Hyakkaou Private Academy, a school in which academics mean nothing to those in attendance. Instead, the hierarchy is based on your gambling credentials. Those with the most money and influence are those at the top treated like royalty, but on the other hand, those who have fallen into debt become house pets and are treated like scum.

Season 1 follows Jibami and her rise to power in school. With her real intentions unknown, the audience is led to believe that she is a compulsive gambler making ridiculously high bets just for the thrill of the game. Which from everything given up until this point, I can believe that wholeheartedly. Jibami begins to take on the student council one by one to work her way up to the ultimate challenge of the Student Council President. There is really nothing else to it.

I think Kakegurui is fantastic in terms of storytelling and character development. Each character is conflicted with their own problems throughout the series and often finds ways to deal with them on their own accord. I think that I personally found this series so interesting because the games they gamble have their own charm and uniqueness. Everything from the rock, paper, scissors to the Idol Showdown. Every episode found a way to capture my attention and keep it. Every gamble had a unique spin on a classic game. Honestly, this show gave me some new games to play with friends, minus the incredible bets.

However, all shows have their weaknesses. I personally find the animation style cringe worthy. I know that a lot of people prefer this animation style, but it just doesn’t suit my tastes making it very difficult to watch at time. If it wasn’t for the captivating story, I doubt I would have been able to sit through the entire series thus far. Really, the only other gripe I have about the show is the overly sexual undertones behind some of the characters. I understand that for Yumeko it is pretty much in the character description, but I feel like having multiple MULTIPLE characters with the same desire, quickly becomes too much for my liking. Again, I am not very big in the perverse senses of anime. I tolerate them to an extent, but again I felt like this series over did the sexual aspects.

Overall, I find Kakegurui worth the time to sit down and watch. There is never really a dull moment or filler episodes. Everything has its’ place and reason for appearing. Every two episodes is one match. Of course, there are exceptions, but for the most part everything follows a pattern. So, if you are looking for an interesting peek into compulsive gambling…this show will be up your alley. Just be well aware, there are some highly sexualized moments. Although they are brief, they are quite often, so be prepared. I mean it is possible that I am the only person who thinks this way. It doesn’t seem to bother anyone else I know.

Also, as an after thought, if you would like more in detailed reviews, and don’t mind spoilers, let me know. I enjoy more being able to discuss certain elements of the shows without restrictions. However, I feel liken doing reviews this way allows people to understand the concept of the shows without being spoiled with what is to come. I am up for opinions. Again, thanks for taking the time to read another anime review done by me. Hope to see everyone in the next one.

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