Fall In Love With Me Review

Fall In Love With Me is Taiwanese drama about an advertisement company CEO, Tao Le-Si, and her struggles to keep her late brother’s company, OZ afloat. Meanwhile, a highly successful and famous advertisement CEO, Lu Tian-Hsing, is burnt out on his job and is looking to take a break to rekindle his passion for advertising. In doing this, he disguises himself to look like someone different to escape his colleagues and the press. While in his disguise, he is mistaken for help by Little Tao and her colleagues. After helping OZ with their dog food commercial, Lu Tian Hsing decides to use his alter ego to help OZ get their footing back in the advertising world. After helping OZ with their commercial, Lu Tian Hsing, decides to continue using his alter ego to help OZ get their grounding in the advertising field. It doesn’t take long before all of this causes issues. Little Tao quickly falls in love with the alter ego, and despises the Lu Tian. Try as he may, Lu Tian can’t get Little Tao to fall for him as a person. The entire series follows the two of them and their struggle to love one another against all odds. At one point, Lu Tian is even willing to give up being the CEO of his company and becoming his alter ego for good.

I have to say this is honestly one of the better dramas that I have watched. In fact, it was probably in my top 10 up until recently. The only reason it was really knocked out is that I have found that I prefer the more supernatural dramas. Korean Odyssey. Possessed. Black. Anyway, that is a subject for another time. In my opinion, the dramas that have the romance aspect, but still have another underlying issue are among my favorites. They give the story extra depth and usually a lot more intensity. Fall in Love With Me doesn’t just follow the romance of Lu Tian and Tao Le-si, but it also shows the struggle for Lu Tian with his business partners, who happen to also be his family. The power struggle between the family overpowers so much of the story. On Le-Si’s side of things, she has to struggle with keeping her late brother’s dreams afloat to the best of her abilities. She also has to discover the kind of person she wants to become.

There are so many things that I love about this show other than it having deeper underlying plot points. I know this is just me being biased, but another thing that I really love about Fall In Love With Me is the fact that Aaron Yan is the leading role. In fact, I am pretty sure that is what drew to the series in the first place. The leading female role is another one of my favorite actresses. These two people are what led me to watch Fall in Love With Me. I think that these two things are the sole reason I love it as much as I do.

Now, of course, there are always negatives to go with the positives. I mean there isn’t really much that I dislike about this drama. I mean I binge watched the entire show in about a day and a half (It was one of my bad weeks). Anyway, I will say it can get a little boring at times. It takes quite a few episodes before the true plot really starts progressing. With that being said, everything up to that point is character building so I find it hard to really call it a negative. A lot of these reasons are nitpicking at little details. I also don’t really understand how he manages to keep his identity under wraps as long as he does. It just isn’t likely. Either the people around him are all stupid, or it is just the “Hollywood” version. Which, obviously, it is the dramatization. I mean isn’t that the point of dramas? In the real world, there is no way someone follow this exactly, and not be caught.

Overall, Fall In Love With Me is absolutely a must watch if you are interested in a show that focuses on more of the romance drama and less on other things. Like I stated before, it does have other major plot points that drive the show, but most of the actions taken by these main characters is driven by their romance for each other. I will also say if you enjoy the CEO to coworker dramas, that is essentially what this is. While they are not as thrilling as the supernatural dramas, a lot of my favorite dramas revolve around the CEO coworker relationship. (You would be surprised how many there are.) Also, if you are not familiar with dramas, and want a less serious, more romantic one, Fall in Love With Me is a great one to dip your toes into the waters of Asian dramas.


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