Top 5 EXO Videos

Now before everyone goes up in arms because of my choices of favorite EXO songs. I looks at these songs in aspects of lyrics and or dances. You give me a beat and some good choreography and a song automatically is amazing in my book. I spend a lot of time dancing, so anything to get me moving automatically wins. Also, point number two before we get started, I am relatively new to EXO, and I have not heard A LOT of their music. I only know probably ten songs on the high end. So, please don’t attack me for my choices. However, I am open to new suggestions of songs to check out. I am ALWAYS looking for new kpop songs, but that is a story for another time. So, please don’t kill me, and be prepared for a lot of little fan girl moments.

Number 5: Love Shot

Honestly, I am not entirely sure why I chose Love Shot to go on this list. I mean I am not in love with this song. I don’t know what it is about it. With that being said, I think that it is quickly growing on me. I watch a lot of random dance play videos, guess the song, etc. and Love Shot is always on these lists. The more and more I watch it, listen to it, study it, the more it grows on me. The chorus gets stuck in my head at all points in time. I find myself doing the choreography every time it comes on. I think this choreography is so different than what they normally do. It is more of a sexy kind of dance instead of the normal hard hitting moves. I think that is one of the reasons I find this song so intriguing. I like to have a lot of different styles of dance. So, I think that is overall why I chose Love shot as number 5. I mean I guess I have to like it a little if I am finding myself dancing and singing it, right? Now, since I am talking about EXO, I do have to do a little fan girling here. First, I need to talk about Kai. He is one dangerous dude. Like, everything about him is dangerous. He is one good looking guy. Not only does he have looks, but he has looks that can kill you. I don’t mean just the structure of his face, but like the way his eyes will give you a heart attack. His smile that will make any girl lose their minds. He is not my favorite member, but man that smile of his will stop your heart. It grabs my attention every time he does it. Alright, I think I have fan girled enough.

Number 4: Tempo

Tempo made its way into my heart with its changing beat and its fun choreography. The song itself is super fun because the tempo and beat changes throughout the song, resulting in what feels like a medley of songs coming to make one. It is just an interesting song. The choreography is a lot of fun as well. The choreography for the chorus is rather fun and let’s be real it looks amazing. There is something about the chorus’ choreography that I just find so entertaining to do. I will just be sitting on the couch and bust into tempo doing the choreography for the chorus for no reason. My husband and kids just act like they don’t know who I am. I also truly appreciate the acapella moment. Their voices are so amazing together. (I mean I guess that is one reason why they are a group.) It might be my favorite part of the song entirely. I didn’t even notice it until I watched Tempo to have it fresh in my mind for this. Time for the fan girl moment. I only get one Kai’s Killer Smile in this video. It is rather disappointing. You know what I did get though? A lot of Sehun screen time. Everything about this is acceptable. Alright that’s all I wanted to say. On to the next one!

Number 3: Growl

Growl is the first EXO song I have ever listened to. After watching the episode of Busted with Sehun dancing at the beginning, I needed to know what group he was in…so I checked them out. I was certainly not disappointed. I will admit these last three spots were really difficult to pick, as I like them A LOT. I listen to these songs more than once on the daily. (That is not an exaggeration.) I love this video for multiple reasons. First reason, this is just a fancy choreography video. Every aspect of it is dancing, but they do it in a fun way by throwing the camera around. Something about it, is just fun and exciting. The formations, and the tricks in this video are everything. The visual that the choreography brings to video is what truly made this for me. Second thing that I really love about this video is that the song is super catchy. It is another one of those songs that sound different than a lot of songs that I have heard. I think that if the intro to this song was played, I could pick it out easily. There is just something about EXO that really shines. Fan girl moment number 3 coming! This is another video where I get to see Sehun a lot! It took me forever to figure out which one was him, I must admit, but he looks so good with his super blonde hair. They all look like babies. They have come such a long way!

Number 2: Monster

I love this video through and through. Every aspect of Monster shines. The choreography of this song really focuses on the visual aspect. There are so many formations that are an art in itself. I truly appreciate this piece of work. The choreography is so visually appealing. For example, when they make X formation then walk through each other. It is stunning!! I think it is so cool. The beginning formation that looks almost mechanic. The execution of motions is flawless. The synchronicity of the all the other movements are breathtaking. The energy they bring to their choreography. I am so envious. I want that kind of skill and talent in my dancing. In my opinion, this is probably my favorite video in terms of choreography. Now, let’s move on to the music itself. This is another song that gets stuck in my head all the time. My husband doesn’t even like EXO (He says that the songs just don’t do anything for him.), but he really likes this song. The beat makes you want to dance. The lyrics make you want to sing. It is overall a well executed song! Now, fan girl moment number 4/ visual talk. I must admit every member of EXO can pull off that bad boy look! I think they all look great in this video. Even when they are beaten and battered. Another video where I get more Sehun and less Kai’s Killer Smile. Is that just a recurring theme? Like, can I not have my cake and eat it too?

Number 1: Call Me Baby

I really think the only reason Call Me Baby is my number one is because I am 100% biased toward this song. I think that by choreography standards, Monster is superior. By a musical stand point, Monster and Tempo is better. Music video wise, I think that there are a lot of better videos. However, there is something about Call Me Baby that I can’t help but to love. As soon as the music starts, I am pumped and ready to dance. I can’t help but bobbing along to the song. The choreography is so much fun, and it is the kind of choreography that you can really make it your own when recreating it. The energy that just pours from this song just really grabs this dancer’s heart. If I haven’t said it already, this song is just fun no matter how you slice it. Now time for the final fan girl moment. These guys get it in this video. There is not a single one that I am not swooned by in this video. Now, that doesn’t mean I’m not swooned by one more than the others. I mean I started a Kai’s Killer Smile counter for this video…needless to say there are too many to count. I stopped at fifteen. Like every time I see that smile of his, I can’t help but smile. Like it is so genuine. Swooned. That is the moral of the story. Period.The end.

Well, anyway, that was my Top 5 EXO songs, dances, videos. Whatever you want to call it. I know I got a little side tracked along the way, but that is what happens when I watch too many kpop videos. So, what are your favorite EXO songs? Are there any other songs that I should check out? Let me know! I am ALWAYS up for adding more songs to my kpop playlist!!


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    1. I do like EXO. However, I couldn’t go and say they are my absolute favorite. I find myself listening to more Seventeen than any other guy group. I am just a huge kpop fan in general.


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