Girl From Nowhere Review Episode 8-10


So, here we are again with another Girl From No Where review. We are drawing ever closer to the end of this series. If you don’t know what Girl From No Where is about, it is about a girl named Nanno. She visits different schools to exposed the lies and injustices of the world. She exposes things from child predators to a variety of sins, jealousy, pride, etc. Next week should be the final review covering the last two stories. Now, if you haven’t checked out my review of episodes 1 through 7, you can check those out. Episode 1-3 is here, and Episode 4-7 is here. No reason to dilly dally so let’s just hop right into it.

Episode 8: Lost & Found

Lost and Found centers around TK, a boy who has been expelled from many schools for stealing. The same day that TK starts school, Nanno also transfers to the school. After learning of the trouble student, Nanno approaches TK, and soon the two become friends. Knowing Nanno and her actions, by now the audience knows that Nanno has motivation to keep TK around. During the duo’s friendship, Nanno proposes that they have a competition to see who can steal more money worth of stuff without getting caught. She is enabling TK to continue his habit, all to teach him lesson. This is just Nanno’s style as we have already learned. Of course, Nanno wins when it comes to the competition. This makes TK fall for her. The thing with TK is that he hasn’t really had anyone to be close with. His father is always away on business. So much so, that even when enrolling TK into school, he had his assistant take him. Every time TK winds up in trouble, the assistant shows up to deal with the consequences, never his father. This also goes for friends. He never really had any because he is such a troubled student. I’m also sure it doesn’t help that he never stays in a school long enough to make friends. Anyway, the majority of this episode consists of Nanno teaching TK a new way to steal things. Ways that involve not just stealing and running. After learning more about TK, Nanno tells him that she can make his father come back. That is when she devises the plan. For their final stunt, the duo decides to steal money that the director of the school has been keeping for himself. Instead of using the money that was given to make the school a better place, he has been keeping it to better himself. Once the duo has made the plan, Nanno promises that if they get caught, TK will take the blame, per his request. That night the plan goes into action. However, it does not going according to plan. After finding what he came for, TK is caught. While this was bound to happen, it is learned that Nanno has sold him out. For TK, this is the ultimate betrayal. After being released from the youth detention center, TK is met with his dad at the gate. All TK ever wanted was for his dad to be around more. In the end, he got to see his dad again, if only for a brief moment.

This episode has a completely different vibe from the other episodes. Lost and Found is so jammed packed full of emotions, you can’t help but feel bad for TK, and the things that have driven him to be the way he was. This is a case of becoming the product of your environment. I think the emotions is what makes this episode. It is the driving factor. The majority of the episode is a montage of Nanno and TK stealing things. There isn’t really anything else in the story. There aren’t really any side characters or anything. Lost and Found focuses solely on Nanno and TK. However, for there not being much in terms of diverse cast, what is built between TK and Nanno is great. Like I said, emotions drive this episode, in my opinion. It is a nice change of pace. Instead of Nanno pushing people over the edge, she is actually doing good in a way. I think Nanno had other plans, until she learned about TK. She actually seemed like a normal high school girl in this episode. I found it rather refreshing.

Episode 9: Trap

Trap is quite an interesting episode. In this episode, we are taken to detention. In the classroom, we have a teacher and 3 other students, two girls and a boy named Koh. The teacher states that no one will be allowed to leave until Koh finishes paper. Suddenly, a few more students come running into the class, begging for the teacher to close the door. The students inform everyone that a prisoner has escaped and is at their school murdering people. The kids that are left in the classroom happen to have history together. There is a couple and three of their friends. Don’t forget Nanno is of course included. She has to observe what will become of the inevitable betrayal of friends. Also in the classroom is the teacher and his daughter. After multiple attempts to contact the police, the group is left on their own. They are told the murderer is heading for the building the group is in via texts from their other friends. When two students approach the classroom for shelter, the teacher refuses to open the door in order to keep his daughter safe. This is when everyone begins to turn on one another. After the girl who tried to get in is killed, everyone begins their bickering and fighting. One by one, the group is sent outside to find help. The first to leave is Koh, the kid that only cares for himself and honestly is kind of a dick. However, when he goes to leave he pushes a Kaew out instead. Next Koh decides to leave when everyone calls him out for pushing Kaew. After talking to Nanno, the teacher decides to also leave to get help. This leaves only girls left in the classroom to defend themselves. The rest of the girls decide to leave together as a unit. After discovering Soo, was taking them to find Koh and not to safety, the group leaves her as well. That is when the girls find the body of Koh. Somehow the entire group ends up together around the body, when an announcement is broadcast that the prisoner died after falling off the school building. No one at the school was murdered…everyone except Koh. Who killed him? The boy who was obsessed with the girl that liked Koh? Was it the teacher who didn’t want Koh to tell people what really happened in the classroom? Kaew who was angry that Koh pushed her out of the classroom?

Now, I really enjoyed the overall concept of this episode. I thought Trap was great. It delves really more into the human psyche, and shows what some people are willing to do for the sake of saving themselves. My only issue with this episode is there is so much arguing and bickering, it gets really old really fast. Koh is a jerk. While his character is meant to be that way, I don’t think I needed half the episode to tell me just how big of a jerk he is. I got it after the first five minutes. Like move on, give me something else to work with. Besides that, the arguing gave me a freaking headache. I get it no one wants to go and people will fight, but I swear the entire episode, except the last five minutes is nothing but arguing. Other than those two things, I really liked the concept of the episode, as well as the outcome. There was so much left to the imagination, and the twist of the little girl’s decision at the end. I think it would make for a nice episode, if they continue to make the show.

Episode 10: Thank You Teacher

Thank You Teacher is another episode that takes a unique approach. In this episode, we follow Ms. Aum, an overly strict teacher with a jealousy problem. She focuses solely on her work as a teacher, yet she is jealous of Ms. Pim. You see Ms. Pim is adored by all the students and always receives the Most Popular Teacher Award. In a way, this isn’t a great representation of teachers. Everyone loves her because they can easily get her off topic and end up not learning anything in class. She is very self centered, so any time she is asked a question, she just talks about herself on and on. On the opposite end of the spectrum you have Ms. Aum. She is the kind of teacher that doesn’t share personal details, and will not deviate from the curriculum in any fashion. She is the definition of a strict teacher. We learn that Ms. Aum has some issues of her own apart from her stubbornness. See, she had a son and a husband. Until one day, her husband left to live with another woman. Alone with her child, she becomes overly harsh on him. Always talking negative about his father in front of him. Forcing him to do homework nonstop. This kid doesn’t get a childhood. He spends it doing homework. Ms. Aum is like this toward everyone, not just her son. She gets into an argument with a cashier because incorrect change. She is just a nasty person. It all reaches its peak when her son says that he misses his dad. It is clear that this kid is terrified of his mother. What we find out a little later is that she killed her son when he said he wanted to live with his dad. Then the cherry on top, her ex husband is found guilty of getting a student pregnant. The woman can’t take anymore, and finally snaps. The director of the school tells her to take time off until the news calms down. While leaving, she stabs a student with an ink pen. She is really just extremely mentally unstable. After she is forced to leave the school because of all the stress she is under. Ms. Aum heads off to the teacher assembly. This is where Best Teacher and new deputy director of the school will be announced. At the teacher assembly, she starts to open fire on everyone there, students and teachers alike. She thinks that the entire school is ruining the education system, so she killed them all in the sake of justice. She is convinced she did the right thing through and through. In the last moments, she ends up killing herself as well.

I thought Thank You Teacher overall was a pretty decent episode. I think that the only thing I didn’t really like was how back and forth it got. When it came to the flashbacks of what made Ms. Aum go crazy, it was so scattered, it was like whiplash. I think overall I felt like what they were going for was achieved. The pacing was pretty decent, and they did a good job portraying the characters in their proper light. Really though, I don’t think Nanno really played a vital role in this episode though. Which is another thing that is almost refreshing. She may have nudged Ms. Aum, but never pushed. She was a spectator through most of this episode.

Well, we are now down to the last couple episodes. Next Monday, I will finish with my review of Girl From No Where, and I am honestly excited because my favorite episode is among the two episodes left. So, I hope that you enjoyed this review, and I will hopefully see you guys next time!

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  1. In my opinion I think it was Suer who killed Koh, remember when he said he needs to pee and Koh was found dead at the toilet, but its still frustrating because has a blood spatter on their uniform.


    1. I know. It is something that I have thought about in this episode. I can see that, but didn’t he also say that when everyone else was around. It’s been a while since I have watched the episode. Everyone had the motive. The question is who had the guts to follow through. Maybe I should watch it again and come up with a theory!


  2. I really felt a kind of connection between TK and Nanno. I really wanted good things for Nanno but it was not suppose to be that way, I guess. TK is such a sweet and naive boy. “I dont want to lose you.” Aghhhh, it melted my heart. I wish I had someone like TK.


  3. I love how in Trap, someone mentions a teacher stabed a student with a pen once. That would indicate it happened later than Thank You Teacher in the timeline. It also means that Nanno doesn’t completely switch realities because people from Trap’s school now about what happened in Thank You Teacher school (in thanks teacher, it is shown that the stabbing was recorded and put on the interner)


  4. Just want to point out, in Trap you mention the “boy who was obsessed with the girl that liked Koh.” He wasn’t obsessed with her, that was her boyfriend hence why he was so jealous of the fact that Sa (the girl) kept defending him. Lol


  5. Just want to point out, in Trap you mention the “boy who was obsessed with the girl that liked Koh.” He wasn’t obsessed with her, that was her boyfriend hence why he was so jealous of the fact that Sa (the girl) kept defending him. Lol


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