Girl From Nowhere Finale Review

First of all, I am sorry it took so long to get around to the final three episodes of Girl From Nowhere. My computer decided to do some weird things for the past few weeks, but it has changed its’ mind and is working again. So, here we are! The final episodes are probably my favorite of the entire series. I am super excited to be covering the final episodes! We will get to see more of Nanno and her dishing out justice or judgement onto those who are most deserving! Our final episodes are The Rank and BFF. So without further ado, let’s jump right in to the final and best episodes of Girl From Nowhere!

Episode 11: The Rank

The Rank follows an all girls school that ranks the students by their beauty. As it is stated in their mission statement, “Beauty is everything to a woman.” In this school, there is a top 10 beautiful students. It is here that these girls get special treatment. They get to live in a beautiful house and live the most lavish lifestyle you can imagine. Their images are updated in real time, so if anything happens to their faces, the app will update almost instantaneously. The only girls who are allowed in the home are those that live there (unless you are invited in). Nanno comes to see the true nature of the girls and do her thing. It doesn’t take long either. After learning that Nanno is number 11, the number 10 girl gets nervous. The following day, Nanno takes tenth and that is when things take a turn. The fight for the top ten slots and Shining Star starts to turn into a bloodbath for lack of better words. Girls start stabbing each other in the back left and right. They start by shoving Nanno off a swing. Then things start to escalate from there. Everything from cutting off girls’ hair, dying their skin, even putting fire ants in their towels. If you can think of it, these girls probably did it to secure their spot in the the top 10.

I love this episode so much and is my second favorite aside from the final episode, BFF. I think what makes me love this episode as much as I do is because (sadly) this is something that is 100% capable of happening. There are people that are very much obsessed with their looks that they would go to lengths like this in order to keep their vanity in tact. The concept really kept me entertained and engaged. I also loved the twist of an ending. It was such a rewarding ending considering all the selfishness and vanity the viewer had to deal with in this episode.

Episode 12-13: BFF

So, BFF is about a group of alumni that decide to hold a high school reunion. You learn of the relationships between the classmates and Nanno. Although, in the beginning none of the classmates remember Nanno. It isn’t until the dig up a time capsule that they remember who she is and the havoc that she caused during her time at the school. Unbeknownst to the group of friends, Nanno is already at the reunion and boy does she have a lot to dish out to the group! She quickly begins to air out everyone’s dirty laundry. Everything is laid out for the group of friends to see! Everything from a child predator, cheating husband, wife beater, and money laundering. Nanno doesn’t leave anyone out and makes sure to set the group up for the events to come. After learning of all the misdeeds members of the group have done, they start turning on each other. Of course meaning that the group has officially fell into the trap that Nanno has set for them. Nanno soon delivers the final test. Earlier in the night Nanno had poisoned the entire classes drinks. Not to worry though, she did make sure to have an antidote. A single vile of antidote! This is where friendships are tested and true natures come to light. Again, everything turns into a blood bath, except this time, a literal one. The so called friends begin to fight to the death for the chance to live.

This episode was bombshell after bombshell! Everything from the events that led up to Nanno getting revenge on this class to the finale ending. I don’t think there was a single time I had any idea what was going to happen next! I loved that about the episode. I don’t like being able to predict things. I also loved that this episode gave a clear motivation as to why Nanno chose this group. This was something that I felt many episodes were lacking. That is why BFF is my favorite episode by far. I also felt that it was the perfect note to end the show on. Of course, it is an anthology, so if they wanted to continue on with the story it would be super easy to do.

Overall, I loved the show as a whole. Of course, I felt there were a few episodes that could have been better. Again, I really liked the concept of the show. It really delved into the human psyche and took things that are all too common and put and interesting spin on it. I think my only real gripe with the series is that I have no idea what Nanno is. Like is this a form of hell these people are in and Nanno is a manifestation? It is obviously clear that she isn’t a human. I mean how many times did someone kill her? The second episode alone there were multiple times she “died”. I just wish I knew a little more about Nanno’s motives and abilities. That is something I am all too curious about. What did you guys think about the series as a whole? Is there something I missed with Nanno’s identity? What is your favorite episode and why? Please, feel free to start a discussion. I would love to understand this show more. I guess that is it for Girl From Nowhere. I hope you enjoyed the series review/breakdown. I hope to see everyone in the next one!! Until next time guys, stay safe and stay sane!

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  1. I enjoyed watching this series. I just finished it actually. Everytime I finished an episode, I go to your blog and read your reviews for that episode. I love reading your interpretation on it. Now for the ranking of the episode, that’s something I should think about tonight.Anyway I’ll be writing about it soon. I just want to drop a message here because there’s no much good reviews for this wonderful show. Yours is my most fave I have read.


    1. Well thanks it means a lot. I tend to have a lot to say about dramas in general. I don’t really have anyone to share my thoughts with about them so that’s why I rant on and on here!


  2. good review! i totally agree with you. there are ups and downs. but overall the show is interesting and fun to witch. i hope there will be a second season.
    btw, regarding nanno’s identity, it’s not clear who she actually was. though kitty (the actress) said in an interview that nanno was like a daughter of satan or a snake in the garden of eden coming up on earth to give people the forbidden fruit and see how much evil they can become, and enjoy watching them of course.


  3. Totally liked the last episode and TK ones, it shows that nanno have her own feelings too, and the last episode shows that all friends is actually never closer than yourself.


  4. I really loved reading your summaries and analysis’s after watching an episode. You should totally make season 2 ones as well even though this was a while ago.


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