Who Is Better? Love Alarm Edition

I think that my computer has decided that it is going to work again.(Who knows for how long though.) So, I have decided I am going to try and get some of the ideas I had for the month scheduled ahead of time. (Just in case something happens.) How has everyone been doing during the crazy and trying time that has been the first half of 2020? I hope everyone has been staying safe and healthy!!!

Anyway, like the last Who is Better, I am going to be doing another 5 dramas with love triangles and talk about who I thought deserved the love and why. See, I don’t really get to discuss these things because I swear I am the only person I know who watches dramas!! So, I have to vent my frustrations somewhere. I am wrong about who will come out on top in 99% of the cases (and it bothers me to NO END)! So, I guess let’s just jump right into the debate!!!

UPDATE: I was originally going to do FIVE more dramas, but Love Alarm got away from me. I actually ended up rambling to the point I feel like if I do any more than this one, this post will be WAY too long. SO, I guess this will be Who’s Better? Love Alarm Edition!

This is probably one of the most obvious choices for me in all of the dramas that I have watched. Which is really sad actually because, imagine that I am most certainly wrong again. There is no way that I am not. Although with what the series has given us thus far, JoJo has not made her choice yet. Again, it is completely obvious who she will choose in the end. Spoiler alert! It is not the guy that I would choose!

In Love Alarm, we have two choices Sun-oh and Hye-yeong. Of course, the two boys know each other and are actually best friends, or were. They also couldn’t get any more different. You have the rich and ever popular super model, Sun-oh. Then you have the help’s son, Hye-yeong. Let’s break down their character just to see why I made the choice I did.

Hye-yeong is the boy next door, ever so average kid who is way to shy to actually confront the girl that he has liked for a while (Jojo). He has worked with her and has developed a crush, yet has never acted on it. You see in the beginning scene Hye-yeong following Jojo home after work. Now I assume that this is because he wants her to be safe getting home as it is rather late…but there is a fine line between being sweet and stalker tendencies. Anyway, throughout the first few episodes, he just quietly watches her and admires her from afar never acting on his feelings. However, after Sun-oh says he also likes Jojo, the two decide that it is ultimately Jojo’s decision and they should both download Love Alarm to help them acknowledge that choice. As the season progresses Hye-yeong starts to become more and more courageous and stepping up to tell Jojo how he feels. When he does, he doesn’t use Love Alarm, instead he treats her to meals, meets up with her and does thing the “old school” way. This alone I find incredibly sweet and automatically gives Hye-yeong the upper hand in my book.

The thing that ultimately made me choose him as the better choice, throughout the series, he never once pressured Jojo to do or make a decision. He let her heart have all the time it needed to make a decision on its own time. He was there for her in her times of need. He always helped her up when she was knocked down. He understands her needs and puts them above his own. I can’t see a better choice for her in fragile heart in the long run than the ever patient Hye-yeong.

Meanwhile Sun-oh over here, I don’t know where to even start with him. From the moment he meets Jojo, this is bound to become a disaster. He sees her for the first time when she is leaving after work and notices Hye-yeong starts following her. In my mind, this is more of a jealousy thing than it is love at first sight. As he calls Hye-yeong, his call is ignored causing him to become a little confused as he can see him outside of the restaurant. Sun-oh then confronts her at school and begins to lay his affection on thick. At one point, he even plants a kiss on her (did I mention she has a boyfriend?). I find this very disrespectful, not only to her, but also to Hye-yeong and her boyfriend. There is NO WAY that he is unaware of Hye-yeong’s feelings for Jojo. At one point, Sun-oh confronts Hye-yeong to admit his feelings. That for me is a flag in a sense. Of course he knows!!! It makes him a complete jerk in my book.

I also find that Sun-oh is very pushy. He is always trying to get Jojo to make decisions and tell him things. Unlike Hye-yeong who is very patient, Sun-oh is absolutely the opposite. I feel that given Jojo’s trauma and demeanor, she needs someone who is more patient and allows Jojo to move at her own pace. Even after the events of the trip to Jojo’s hometown (and the source of her trauma), Sun-oh is constantly TELLING Jojo that she likes him. It is borderline verbal abuse and harassment.

Okay, so I think my rambling got away from me! I had every intention of doing five more dramas, but again my nonsensical ramblings got the best of me. I did add the update to the opening, but I didn’t want to rewrite the entire intro! (I’m sorry!)

Moral of the story, here we are again, DJ loses to the dramas! I mean I guess the decision isn’t out yet. From everything I have read, I will be waiting until August before I get to find out the outcome of Jojo’s feelings. You know at this point, I feel like she should just take the time for herself, discover herself some more, then move on from there. I mean they are in high school! Girl, you got all the time in the world! I wouldn’t even be mad if she gave Hye-yeong a chance, then somehow ended up going back to Sun-oh. JUST FOR ONCE CAN”T I GET WHAT I WANT IN A DRAMA!!!

Sorry, I got carried away! What are your opinions on the love triangle of Jojo, Sun-oh, and Hye-yeong? Please let me know what you think! Am I being to harsh of Sun-oh? Did I miss any red flags regarding Hye-yeong? I am all about discussion!!


5 thoughts on “Who Is Better? Love Alarm Edition

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    1. I go through phases where it is really all I watch. Same with anime. Recently, I have been rewatching Cardcaptors so I can finally get around to Clear Card, but in the middle, I ended up getting caught up in another drama. Thanks by the way for always commenting, even when it isn’t something that you are into. It makes my writing feel appreciated!

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  1. Finally, a post that has same wavelength as me.
    I had this series on my list for days and I finally started it today. I’m half way through & gotta say, did not like SO since his first appearance. Hate snobs & hate pushy guys… And he just seems to be the culmination of both.
    What’s up with all these Kdrama and their fans, and their obsession with pushy and snobs. That is something they should learn from the West. At least, THEY understand what could be bad for your health. That’s why, some of my favourite Kdrama involves My Holo Love, I’m not a Robot & I hear your voice. Even though, those MCs are either pushy or snobs, they are that in a caring and decent way.


    1. Like I’ve watched the season 2 maybe 3 times and each time I have watched it the more I have realized it is one of the most toxic relationships I have seen in these dramas. I dont know. I always root for the loser and I’m glad that I’m not the only one. Especially with love alarm if and when season 2 is released, if she goes back ill be so angry!!


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