I Feel Like I Apologize A LOT!

So, I have been meaning to get back around to writing. I have a ton of shows that I have been wanting to talk about. Most of those things being dramas. (I have been on quite the kick of watching them.) But I think that overall, I want to know what everyone’s interest would be. Should I continue on with my previous schedule? Do I do more anime and less dramas? Do I do more dramas? Do I do more of the opinions and thoughts instead of the reviews? I don’t know. What does everyone else think. I am getting ready to start writing out my schedule for the rest of July and August, so any ideas that you guys have I will take into consideration.

I think that the only really issue I could see arising from keeping my normal schedule is that my Manga Monday’s might be a little difficult. I don’t have the material at home to continue finishing a new series every week to write. The only manga I have read is Peach Girl: Next. I finally got caught up on it. (Life has gotten a little crazy.)

My Drama Tuesday’s wouldn’t be difficult to carry on, as it is the one I have the most material on. (What can I say I am a sucker for dramas.) I have probably every bit of 50 dramas I haven’t talked about yet.

I don’t know I guess I would just like to know what you would like to see more of or if the format is working. I know that my writing is all over the place, but these are the things that I pretty much spend my life on! Hope to hear from everyone!!

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