Kitchen Princess Review

Finally, I was able to find a few manga series that really caught my eye at my local library. One of those was Kitchen Princess. Kitchen Princess is a shojo manga that was released in 2004. In this series, Najika Kazami is an orphan girl who really enjoys cooking. More than that, she has a... Continue Reading →

What Have I Been Doing?

What have I been doing? That is truly the question. I haven't posted in almost a year....except for one time back in February. I didn't even realize that it had been that long. Honestly, I think I just got lazy and didn't really doing any research. I haven't read anything. I haven't watched any anime.... Continue Reading →

My Secret Romance Review

My Secret Romance is a Korean drama series that follows Lee Yoo-Mi, a girl who is living an extremely modest lifestyle due to her mother's choice in careers. The story begins when she must attend her mother's wedding at a hotel resort. On the bus to the resort, Yoo-Mi runs into Cha Jin Wook, the... Continue Reading →

Who Is Better? Love Alarm Edition

I think that my computer has decided that it is going to work again.(Who knows for how long though.) So, I have decided I am going to try and get some of the ideas I had for the month scheduled ahead of time. (Just in case something happens.) How has everyone been doing during the... Continue Reading →

Girl From Nowhere Finale Review

First of all, I am sorry it took so long to get around to the final three episodes of Girl From Nowhere. My computer decided to do some weird things for the past few weeks, but it has changed its' mind and is working again. So, here we are! The final episodes are probably my... Continue Reading →

Well hasn’t this been a crazy ride?

Well first off...obviously there is an insane pandemic running around...thus people are confined to their homes and such. "But DJ, doesn't that mean you could be writing more?" Well....yes.....but no. I COULD be writing more often. I SHOULD be writing more often, but as the luck in my life would have it...I am incapable. In... Continue Reading →

Wait, My Youth Review

Of course, Wait My Youth is another Chinese drama I found while searching the depths of my Netflix account. I have found that I find 99% of my shows from Netflix. The other 1% is by randomly coming across them, usually when I go to look up a specific person's IMDB. I have a tendency... Continue Reading →

Top 5 EXO Videos

Now before everyone goes up in arms because of my choices of favorite EXO songs. I looks at these songs in aspects of lyrics and or dances. You give me a beat and some good choreography and a song automatically is amazing in my book. I spend a lot of time dancing, so anything to... Continue Reading →

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