What Have I Been Doing?

What have I been doing? That is truly the question. I haven't posted in almost a year....except for one time back in February. I didn't even realize that it had been that long. Honestly, I think I just got lazy and didn't really doing any research. I haven't read anything. I haven't watched any anime.... Continue Reading →

Well hasn’t this been a crazy ride?

Well first off...obviously there is an insane pandemic running around...thus people are confined to their homes and such. "But DJ, doesn't that mean you could be writing more?" Well....yes.....but no. I COULD be writing more often. I SHOULD be writing more often, but as the luck in my life would have it...I am incapable. In... Continue Reading →

Hello Again, I Think I’m Back

This is going to be a rather quick and to the point post. I am pretty confident that I will be able to get back on a schedule now. I know this has been quite the extended hiatus. However, between fixing the flooded house (which is still being worked on), dealing with holidays, and planning... Continue Reading →

Change of Plans…Sorry

A plague of sickness is currently turning my house into a war zone. I have 4 sick boys and who knows if it is going to spread to the rest of us. Our house is under attack!! And we are currently on the losing side. My boys are running with fevers between 100 and 102.... Continue Reading →

My Lack of Manga

Okay! So in case you haven't noticed, I haven't really been doing a lot of my manga reviews. The truth is my personal collection of manga is rather sad looking. I usually find my content at my local library. However, I have been struggling to find something that really peaks my interest, but also isn't... Continue Reading →

The Reason…

Before I even start telling my story for today, be warned that this is going to get very dark and triggering for those who are sensitive to talk about death and suicide. This is 100% a true story and honestly my biggest bottled up emotion inside myself. With that being said, it is the story... Continue Reading →

Busy…Busy…Little Bee

This is how I feel on the daily!!! So, I guess this is just another update post. I feel like I do more of these than actual reviews and stuff. There has been so much going on here in Dj's World and it truly is entirely my fault. I, at this point have taken on... Continue Reading →

It Happens….I Guess….

Man I had such a great start to my week. I was managing to get my posts up in a timely manner and I had everything planned out for the week. Then BOOM! Of course, something managed to put a road block in front of me. I had every intentions of posting an anime review... Continue Reading →

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