Getting Back On Track

Alright!!! The party is over and I am still alive. Everything in the house is put together minus my book collection, unfortunately. I still have to find the time money and perfect bookshelf for an addition to my home. So sadly they are still sitting in boxes. Hopefully, they will have a permanent home soon.... Continue Reading →

Procrastination at Its Finest

I don't even know where to start. This week has been by far one of the busiest weeks I have had all year. I decided to get back into the groove of writing, which in retrospect I probably should have put off a little longer. I have started watching my nephew on top of my... Continue Reading →

I Am Not Dead…

Hey there!!!! Man have I missed this. Don't worry, as the title suggests, I am not dead. I have just had so much going on in my everyday life. I have simply not had the time to jump on here and write anything. However, I managed to find a little bit of time today to... Continue Reading →

I’m Back!

Well, that was certainly an adventure. I never thought moving could possibly be that exhausting especially when I had movers to pack up and haul all my stuff for me. I will say I learned a lot of lessons on this move. First and foremost, don't EVER try to get things done with children around.... Continue Reading →

Moving Time

Originally, I had other ideas for today's post. However, my plans changed pretty darn quick. I was going to do another anime episode review, but this week is moving week in my household. I am essentially alone with four kids and have to prep for all the moving people to come so I ended up... Continue Reading →

Sunshine Blogger Award!

First of all I want to say thank you so much to 7mononoke for nominating me. I feel like this will be a lot of fun. I don't do things like this very often so this is all new to me. It will give me the opportunity to get to know myself a little better... Continue Reading →

What’s Going On?

I promise one day I will get the hang if this. My goal is to start writing daily and to have a set schedule for all the chaos that goes on in this brain. I am currently in the middle of moving in between states as well as living alone with 4 kids. That gives... Continue Reading →

A Letter to Sombody I Used to Know

This all began after I plunged into a deep depression after realizing an incident that haunts me every day turned out to be completely my fault in the first place. I lost someone who was very important to me because of my stupidity and cowardice. I simply couldn't bring myself to tell the truth nor... Continue Reading →

Introduction #2

Why is this number two you ask? Well the thing is I already wrote the first introduction consisting of all the things I wanted this website to be. I wanted this to be a place where I could share all of my favorite things. Everything from my favorite TV shows to my favorite books, but... Continue Reading →

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