Which is Better? (K-Drama Edition)

So, here’s the thing about K-drama (well dramas in general). I find myself rooting for someone from episode one to win the girl’s heart. Which, honestly, I bet I am not the only person who does this. However, after watching about 100 dramas (that is NOT an exaggeration in the slightest), I have found that I tend to root for the wrong guy EVERY SINGLE TIME! Okay, so I have been right on a few occasions, but that is very few and far between. I don’t know if that just means I am an absolute horrible judge of character, or if the dramas just know how to play with one’s heart strings that well. The answer here is more than likely both are correct. Anyway, as I realized that I am almost always wrong in picking the guy, I kinda wanted to put this to a vote in a way. Am I really just crazy or do other people agree? So, I guess here I am with my first who’s better? Now, I know that I put K-Drama in the title but, this will extend to other Asian dramas. For today’s list I am going to run with Chinese, Korean, and Japanese. These are really the most common that I watch. Anyways, I guess I will just hop right into it. Also, I would really like to know your opinions on who is better!

Boys Over Flowers

Jun-pyo, Jan-di, and Ji-hoo

This is one of the k-dramas that really gets to me in terms of the girl choosing the wrong guy. It drives me crazy every single time I watch Boys Over Flowers, or even just talking about it. So, my question here is which is the better long term partner? I have always thought that Ji-hoo was the better fit for Jan-di, as well as a better choice all around for the future. Here is why…

The difference between these two characters is astronomical. They are essentially the complete opposite of each other in every aspect. Jun-pyo is very much very intense with his emotions since he doesn’t really know how to emote them. He also has a very short fuse and is a bomb ready to explode at any time. I also feel as though he is more inclined to put himself first before all else. I mean a lot of the times you find him helping Jan-di, they are things that any decent human being on the planet would do. Oh, her bike is on fire because my fan club is psychotic? Oh, I should probably help her! Oh, there is a group of thugs that are trying to attack her? I should probably be a decent human being and put a stop to this! Those are just two examples. I feel like anyone with a heart would do those things. Now, Ji-hoo on the other hand. He is there through every single event. Sure, he was in love with someone else in the beginning. It was his first love. He needed time to process everything. We’re only humans after all. However, when push came to shove, he was always there for Jan-di to lend a shoulder to cry on. Oh, she got a cake to the face, here is a handkerchief to clean yourself with. Oh, the guy you like for no reason what so ever is being a dick? Here, you can cry on my shoulder, and I will help you the best of my ability to ease your pain. Oh, the guy you are in love with left the country and is treating you like you don’t exist? Let’s try to solve it, but I am still your shoulder to cry on. He is the type you can always rely on and asks for nothing in return.

I find it VERY hard to believe that Jun-pyo is a changed person who has all the sudden become reliable. Meanwhile, Ji-hoo is never unreliable, even to a fault. He helps push the Jan-di and Jun-pyo together, without thinking twice about how it will affect him and his well being. I just find that Ji-hoo is 1000 times better than Jun-pyo! (K-drama-1, DJ-0)

Wait, My Youth

Lan Tianye and Lin Jiaze with Cancan trailing behind

Between Lan Tianye and Lin Jiaze, I would certainly pick Tianye. It is amazing in itself that I managed to pick the one that the main character chooses! I mean Lan Tianye is the typical bad boy, so I expected him to lose (not why I chose him). I just find these shows usually don’t change the love interest midway through the show. Which is something that I liked about Wait, My Youth. Meanwhile, Lin Jiaze is very much oblivious to Cancan’s feelings and advances. I don’t know I felt like in a way Lin Jiaze lost his chance from his own obliviousness to feelings, and he kind of deserved it. I mean I don’t really dislike either one of these love interests. I think I just prefer the bad boy persona. Lan Tianye is very much the quiet guy that every time he opens his mouth to the main girl, he is a complete dick to her. However, he manages to find times to be sweet and nice, while trying to conceal his feelings. I don’t know I find his childishness very sweet and adorable. Once they leave the high school, he does seem to change and everything kind of falls into its’ place. Meanwhile, Lin Jiaze, you really don’t get a lot of interactions with Cancan. He seems to keep his distance and doesn’t really make any moves. Once he does, it is pretty much already too late. I think overall, that is what really made me pick Lan Tianye. He actually shows emotions, even when they sometimes come out wrong. (Drama-1, DJ-1)

Ashes of Love

Xufeng, Jinmi, and Runyu

Ashes of Love has another one of the most infuriating love triangles of all time in my opinion. So many things that could have just been avoided if they just did things a little different. I mean don’t get me wrong, they all followed their hearts, but it turned into a bloodbath over something so simple. For this comparison, I want to look at Runyu before he goes off the deep end. Again, these two are completely different. I feel that is just a recurring thing. Anyway, Xufeng, being the fire immortal (Phoenix) he is very much aloof and really has no interest in the matters of love. He doesn’t show his feelings, and can come off as a jerk. Meanwhile, Runyu (in the beginning) is very soft hearted and knows what it is like to be looked down on. He understands struggles. While he is the night immortal, he is always found alone and really has no one. Yet, he is always very gentle when it comes to Jinmi. He understands her a lot more than Xufeng, and tries to get to know her. I have always picked Runyu over Xufeng. I just think the chemistry between Runyu and Jinmi is more genuine. Now, of course, this is all before he goes off the deep end. I would never expect her to choose him after he loses it. However, in my mind, if Runyu wouldn’t have went for revenge and just chose to marry Jinmi the first time, a lot of things would have been avoided, but I digress. I find this a really difficult choice when it comes down to it because neither one is really that great at understanding Jinmi. I would pick Mr.Puchi (I don’t know his actual name) if he wasn’t such a player. Again, that could just be due to him being one of my favorite characters in the show. He does know Jinmi rather well and puts her well being before himself a lot of times though. So, I guess I would pick Mr. Puchi. (Drama-2, DJ-1)

Good Morning Call

There are so many choices for Nao. Apparently, she is just loved by everyone. For only having two seasons and like four different love interests, it is very difficult to pick one. I know that I would absolutely NOT pick Uhara. He is very much childish and selfish when it comes to loving Nao. He NEVER expresses his feelings until he is forced to because the chance of losing Nao. Otherwise, he acts indifferent. However, for the other three, (Daichi, Natsume, and Issei), the all care in their own ways. To eliminate another potential partner, I wouldn’t pair Nao up with Natsume either. They are really great at being friends, but he is such a player. I think Nao is too sweet to even try and put up with that kind of partner. I think that Natsume would make a better best friend for Nao. He is fantastic at helping her with her problems (even behind the scenes), and let’s be honest, the relationship between Nao and Natsume’s sister is too adorable to ignore. So, now bringing it down to Daichi or Issei. This has always been rather tough for me to decide, since I am a sucker for the best friends since they were small trope. However, Issei is just too darn adorable. So, I guess I would much rather see Nao with Issei. Daichi was friend zoned from a young age, and everyone knows it is near impossible to get out of the friend zone. Issei on the other hand, he is always finding a way to help Nao, even at his own expense. He gets her a job at the ramen shop, and takes the fall over the broken bowls. He also helps Uhara fight for Nao’s love at the hot spring. He is just everything you could ask for in a boyfriend. Yet, Nao ends up choosing the guy that has to have the help and push of everyone else to even express his feelings. (Drama-3, DJ-1)

The Liar, and his Lover

Han-gyul and and Chan-young

The Liar and his Lover is one that was really hard for me to pick because both guys have their great qualities. I mean they also have their bad one, but that is besides the point. Han-gyul is very much a liar (hints the series title). He lies to get what he wants at every point in the show. He lies to Yoon So-rim more times than one could count, just to get what he wants. However, once he realizes that he has feelings for So-rim, he turns into a completely different person. Knowing that he could change for the better because of her, its like they are a match made in heaven. From the beginning, Han-gyul constantly hurts So-rim. He makes her cry around every corner. With that being said, he tries to make ammends every time. As soon as he hears that he has made So-rim cry, he is rushing to find her and make it right. I find this super sweet. However, Chan-young is nice and sweet to her from the moment they meet. He helps her grow as an artist as well as a person. The two of them have natural chemistry. He is also not pushy with So-rim. He seems to know exactly how to make her feel better no matter the circumstance. When he learns that So-rim doesn’t want to hear his confession, he keeps it to himself and reassures So-rim that no matter what happens, it is not her fault. I find all these things together really makes me root for Chan-young. I think overall, the show did justice. Chan-young would make the great best friend who helps the main character grow, and Han-gyul would make the great boyfriend. However, in my heart I can’t help but root for Chan-young. So, I guess again another drama has defeated me in matching couples. (Drama-4, DJ-1)

So, I was originally going to do 10 groups. However, My rants went on for so long in the first five, I thought I should just make another set. So, next week I will continue this Who’s better with Strong Girl Bong-Soon, Love Alarm, and three others. I hope to see everyone in the next session. See, I am absolutely awful when it comes to picking the winner of these dramas. One day, my win count will be above and beyond the drama wins. (Psh, yeah right. I know when I don’t stand a chance.) Anyway, what are your thoughts on my picks? What would your picks be? Until next time guys..

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