ThirTEEN Terrors Episodes 1-3 Review

Thirteen Terrors is a 13 episode Thai anthology series that I happened to find on Netflix. Every single one of these short stories are about kids trying to find and figure out the scary and sometimes brutal truth behind their schools (or school, I am not sure if it is all in the same school). All of these stories are in a teenagers perspective. Since this is an anthology, I will cover each episode separately. I will more than likely have spoilers for each episode such as the highly predictable plot twists and events. So, if you have an interest in watching this series without knowing what for sure is going to come next, stop reading now and go watch it. You can always come back later. I highly recommend doing in this way, as I could imagine the show wouldn’t be nearly as good if I already knew how everything was going to turn out.

Now with the series being a total of 13 episodes, I thought it would be quite difficult and rather tedious to try and cram 13 episodes into one post, so instead every Sunday for the duration of October I will cover 3 episodes per post. I will also review each one individually with their own star system. I think that will be a lot better in the long run. So for today, let’s get started with the first 3 episodes of ThirTEEN Terrors.

Episode 1: Wanida

The first episode of ThirTEEN Terrors does a great job of capturing the interest of the audience. Episode 1 is about two girls who are interested in ghost stories and the scary things. There are rumors around the school about the school having a very dark past. A past in which the school grounds were an execution site. The executioner ended up going crazy and started to murder people. One of the girls finds the tree where these executions take place. After taking pictures near and around the tree, the two girls head home from school. When the girls get home, they begin to do research about the spooky things that happen at their school. That is when the girls find a story about a girl that was murdered and beheaded in one of the classrooms. It is said that the girl’s headless body wanders around the school in search of the head that no one ever found, and that if you see the head of the girl in one of the desks, you have two days to find her missing head or else you will die. After reading this story, one of the girls goes to confess that she had seen the head when the friend’s mother comes in telling her that it is getting late.

The next day at school, Wee is packing up her things for the day when she drops her pen. As she bends down to get the pen, she sees the head in her desk. Obviously she lets out a scream and finally heads home to research the tale. The next day at school, she receives the news that her friend had gotten into a motorbike accident and she had passed away. This news puts Wee into frantic mode as she assumes seeing the head is what truly caused her friend’s death. As she fears for her own life, she begins to search every nook and cranny of the classroom to find the murdered girl’s head. That night in a dream, Wanida (the beheaded girl) come to Wee in a dream and asks for her help. Eventually, Wee learns the truth about what happened to Wanida and also finds her head. She prays and buries the head so that the spirit may finally be at peace.

Of course there is a crazy plot twist, but I won’t ruin that. So, if you thought that this was interesting, you might want to go check out this episode. In my opinion, it is one of the better episodes. I didn’t not expect the outcome in the slightest, and it reminded me of Corpse Party in a way (Corpse Party is one of my favorite games story wise). It was an interesting story that was well done and had plenty of creepy aspects to it.

Episode 2: To Die After

Episode 2 of ThirTEEN Terrors is another great one with quite the twist ending. This story beings with a girl named Jane. She had just gotten home from camp when she is spammed with calls from her best friend Im. Upon arriving at Im’s house, she is greeted with an eerie sight. It appears as though her friend had died. Now, eventually you learn this is not true. Her grandmother had lost her best friend and is in mourning. However, the friend is still acting really strange. Eventually Im comes out and say that her ex boyfriend, Ball, keeps calling her and says that now they can be together and that he is coming for her. That is when the audience is taken back into the past of Im as she is explaining to Jane what happened. In this recollection, Im had broken up with her boyfriend, and he is begging her not to break up with him. He begins to harass her, he is calling her multiple times, and messaging her on social media. He finally states that he is going to kill himself and she tells him that they can be together when he is dead. Thus the avalanche begins. That night she receives a picture of Ball with a noose around his neck. The following morning she receives a picture of Ball’s feet hanging in his bedroom. Finally, she receives a phone call stating that the owner of the phone had hanged himself the night before and, Im was the last person the owner of the phone had talked to. Quickly things begin to escalate, and Im is being haunted by the ghost of Ball. He wants her to join him, since she promised they could be together when he was dead. Late into the night she receives the video of Ball hanging herself, and she can’t take it anymore. She has a breakdown and is left in tears. The tears turn to screams. That is when Jane wakes up the next morning at Im’s house (she was keeping Im company while her family was away at a funeral). Im’s mother is screaming and it pans over, and Im had hung herself in the middle of the night. That is when things really take a turn. That is something this show does well. It has twists around every corner.

After going home, Jane receives a video call from Ball, and that is when the truth comes out. In a shocking turn of events Jane becomes the target. She begins having the same thing happen to her. She is receiving calls and messages from Im. These messages tell her that she should come and join them. This is pretty much where the story ends. I did leave out a few things of course, but I HIGHLY recommend watching this episode. It is fantastic and has twist and turns at every corner. Never knowing what direction the story will go.

This is probably one of my favorite episodes of the series, if not my top favorite overall. This one had quite the twist at the end and I felt so stupid for not seeing it coming but at the same time very much happy that I couldn’t predict the ending of it. Well, I can’t say the very end because that I saw from a mile away. However, the twist I did not see. It was a well done episode. I felt bad for everyone involved, but at the same time also understood the thoughts behind the situation. The whole episode was a mountain made out of molehill, and unfortunately ended in tragedy. It was well in the aspect of getting into the mind of teenagers. I don’t know I just really enjoyed this episode.

Episode 3: Cursed

Episode 3 follows a group of friends who are working on a video project for school. It doesn’t take long before things start to turn sour. Jo is a prankster who like to tease Get. Of course this is all because Get has a crush on Jo’s girlfriend, Aim.

After telling a really embarrassing story of Get to to Aim, Jo and Get get into a fight. This results in Get pushing Jo, and Jo falling into a tree and bumping his head. After this incident, Get refuses to apologize and Jo getting angry and telling Get to go get into a car accident and die. The day of the presentation arrives, and there is no sign of Get at school. As Jo and Aim are going to present their presentation the teacher receives a phone call. As the teacher is taking the call, Jo messages Get one more time asking him where he’s at. He only replies that he is at the school. The teacher comes back after the phone call. This phone call will change everything. The teacher then breaks the news to the students that Get was in an accident, and that he had passed away that morning. Cue creepy things to follow. As the students are dismissed from class early, the video of the altercation between Get and Jo is shown to the entire class, including the part where he cursed Get to get hit by a car.

At Get’s wake, Jo begins to receive messages from Get and being tagged in photos. The messages tell Jo to die. On the other hand, Aim is heading home from the wake, and when she finally makes it home, she feels a strange presence. She drops her keys and as she goes to pick up her keys, a shadow of a hand goes over top of hers. She is then approached by something, and that is all we see of Aim. She is then put in the hospital, for what I assume to be shock.

As we go back to Jo, he sits down and talks to his mom, where she tells him that he should never curse someone no matter how much you hate that person. The person who is cursed will die the most painful death. They will also more than likely be angry and make the person who cursed them suffer even greater pain than what the victim did. After talking to his mother, he decides he needs to go and ask for forgiveness and try to put Get’s spirit at rest. After making merit for Get, Jo returns to class only to be bullied by classmates. They all firmly believe that Jo is posting all the social statuses on Get’s page. In the classroom they are preparing for a class trip the following day when Jo decides he is going to unfriend Get on social media. As he is going to unfriend Get, he receives a message saying that he is going to die. Then all the computers in the classroom turn to the video of Jo cursing Get, repeating die over and over again. He continues to receive that one simple word on his messenger time and time again. It then speeds forward to that night with Jo in his room. It is there that he continues to receive the die messages. Then suddenly he sees Get’s spirit and it says one word die. He becomes so scared that everything goes black and he wakes up in the hospital. In the hospital, there again is Get’s spirit. Suddenly he disappears and is instead sitting with Aim. This is where Jo learns of the real reason Get was haunting him. Aim tells him that Get will no longer be haunting them.

Overall, this episode is pretty average. However, because it made me cry, I had to give it a 4 star. This is because I obviously wouldn’t have cried if I didn’t feel an attachment for the characters, and if a show can manage to make me feel something for a character in less than 45 minutes, then it by all means deserves a little more than average. Now, I say this episode is average because it is kind of one dimensional. Friends get into a fight. One gets cursed and dies. The friend comes back to haunt him and uses the same tactics, time and time again. I will say it is worth watching though because again this episode has a twist that you don’t see coming after watching the previous two episodes.

So, that is all that I will do for now. I will certainly be back with the next three stories from ThirTEEN Terrors. There isn’t a single episode that I didn’t enjoy at least a little bit, and if you are into creepy or tragic stories this is certainly a good one to watch if you don’t mind reading subtitles.

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