Well hasn’t this been a crazy ride?

Well first off…obviously there is an insane pandemic running around…thus people are confined to their homes and such. “But DJ, doesn’t that mean you could be writing more?” Well….yes…..but no. I COULD be writing more often. I SHOULD be writing more often, but as the luck in my life would have it…I am incapable. In fact, I am currently writing this little rant from my phone. You see here’s how it all happened and why I have been so inactive as of late.

First thing to happen. My daughter brought home some uninvited guests and we had to evict the nusciences. That in itself took 2 weeks. Then came the fun part of putting the entire house back together again. That meant I had to wash EVERYTHING . What I couldn’t wash. I had to take a blow dryer too. Needless to say that took another two weeks.

Then of course this Corona virus decided to shut everything down. So, then it came down to is having to get groceries for our house ( we have been really bad about doing weekly shopping). Then everyone decided to hoard so things became unavailable meaning more frequent trips to try and find things. Need toilet paper? No chance you’re going to find it! No, that’s not what has been the issue. We’ve been good on toilet paper. No. We can’t find chicken of any sort! I don’t know if you know anything about children, but it seems the only thing they know how to eat is chicken nuggets. In fact, that is about the ONLY thing my oldest son will eat. It has been a nightmare!

Finally, I managed to get everything back in place and back to normal for the most part. Then we ordered appliances like a month ago and they were delivered yesterday. So again had to move all that around, and reorganize the refrigerator. That took a lot longer than need be. Did you know you have to clean out a brand new fridge. My kryptonite! I HATE cleaning the fridge! I’d rather clean toilets!

Anyway, so I get free time today and decide to sit down and fill out the census stuff and check my emails etc. I turn on my computer, and it decided it no longer wants to work either! Needless to say…who knows when I will be able to get back to posting. Without a computer trying to write is a nightmare.

With all that being said, It is not an ideal situation, and a lot of things are going wrong, but it could be worse. I guess I just wanted to update everyone on my absence! My family and I are doing okay, and all healthy for now! I hope everyone else out there stays safe as well. It’s a crazy world right now. I hope to be back soon to my normal writings. However, I don’t think I will be able to for a good while considering everything going on!

Stay safe out there guys!!!


One thought on “Well hasn’t this been a crazy ride?

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  1. I am so sorry! For everything, especially for the uninvited guests, which is the worst! I look forward to your future posts once you have any easy way to write them.


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