Girl From Nowhere Episodes 4-7


So, here we are again with another breakdown/ review of Girl From Nowhere. Nanno is making her rounds once again to high schools in need of some serious discipline and judgement. With nowhere to go, and nowhere to hide, the misdeeds and injustices of the world are being brought down again by Nanno, whatever she may be. So, let’s just hop right into episodes four through seven of Girl From Nowhere.

Episode 4: Hi-So

Hi-So follows a group of extremely rich and popular students who will go to any length to get what they want. Everyone except for Dino, that is. You see Dino is known as the richest and most popular of the whole school, but he has a secret…he isn’t rich at all. In fact, his family is extremely poor. After the group of friends decide to have a party at his house, Dino enlists the help of Nanno. See, Nanno has set up a shop in school where kids can go to pay for anything they need help with, Nanno will help. For example, one kid will get a motorcycle if his grades are high enough. Nanno helps him fake a report card. Another student is in need of a girlfriend, Nanno gets him one to show off to his parents. Anyways, so Dino enlists Nanno to provide him with a mansion with servants to keep up the facade that he is filthy rich. Come party day, things quickly take a turn. Nanno turns Dino’s real parents into the servants at the house. When the teenagers continuously try to drink and smoke, the real parents try to tell them not to do it. This comes off as disrespectful because the help is talking back. Things heat up even more when the teenagers find a gun in the study and decide to play Russian roulette. Of course the group uses money to make a bet on who will win. The winner being the one who gets shot. Again, the parents intervene. This time, one of the kid starts beating the shit out of them when they intervene before Dino can shoot himself. Flash forward, Dino returns home after camp, to find an awkward air between them. Ending on the question, what can money buy?

For me, this Hi-So was mediocre at best. It had its’ moments of being pretty good, but it had an equal number of boring moments. I just couldn’t find myself really caring for the characters. Maybe, it was just because this episode followed a bunch of stuck up rich kids. I am not really sure. I feel like the end was well done. I was certainly satisfied with Dino’s family getting a large amount of money from the rich kids and their stupidity. They were at least compensated for the damages, but I still don’t really feel like this episode really lived up the the recurring theme of paying for the misdeeds. I mean Dino lied to everyone about being stupid rich, yet, he got out of really paying for anything. His family got a lot of money. The rich kids simply got away with beating the shit out of their elders. I just didn’t find this episode fair and just like the episodes before. That is why I couldn’t bring myself to give it more than 3 stars, middle of the road.

Episode 5: Social Love

Social Love follows Hann in his journey to social media stardom. He meets Nanno at a dance thing at the school. When they are talking later, everyone just assumes that he and Nanno are a couple, giving them the nickname “Hanno”. Immediately, leading to a fan page for Hanno. Immediately, this causes an issue, as Hann has a girlfriend already. Instead of putting an end to what is between Nanno and him,he continues on with it simply for the likes. While chasing these likes, Hann winds up asking Nanno to be his real girlfriend. Under the one condition, he is never allowed to leave her, Nanno agrees. Of course, this starts to stir up the jealousy with Hann’s true girlfriend (other girlfriend). Let’s just say the school becomes almost like a cult with as much as the people like and follow the couple. I mean they start selling merch and weird face masks around the school of the couple. It gets really weird really fast. Things quickly heat up between Nanno and Hann’s girlfriend to the point that Nanno is “thrown” off the top of the school ending the episode with her in a vegetative state. Thus, Hann must take care of Nanno for the rest of her life.

Social Love was a pretty decent episode. It took a matter that pretty much happens all the time and rolled with the concept. I appreciated this. I mean social media has pretty much taken over our daily lives. Everyone is looking for that Like on Facebook, or that subscribe on Youtube. It is just how everything has advanced in our society. It’s sad, actually. Anyways, this episode goes to show just what some people are willing to give up for that social media fame. In this instance, Hann gave up his love for his girlfriend, as well as his life of freedom. I felt like this episode was one that I really had a hard time figuring out the ending. I didn’t see it coming, and I was pleasantly surprised. Social Love gave a lot of complex emotions and really followed through. You got to see the jealousy from the girlfriend. The obsession from the students. The hunger for fame from Hann. It was just overall well put together and is one of the better episodes of Girl From Nowhere. I absolutely recommend watching this episode.

Episode 6-7: The Wonderwall

Wonderwall is a two parted episode following soccer manager, Bam. Of course, there has to be a love triangle to get everyone feeling that jealousy. Bam likes O, who is showing interest in Nanno. Thus, the jealousy begins. The soccer team likes Nanno much more than Bam because she is not biased toward the players, where as Bam only focuses on O. One day after practice, Bam heads off to the bathroom, where she vents her frustrations on the wall of the bathroom stall. This is where Wonderwall begins. The truth of the matter is, anything written on the stall wall, will come true. For example, when Bam first discovers the wall, she writes that Nanno is a stink face B. The following day, Nanno’s face smells absolutely terrible. Eventually, Bam ends up telling another girl about the wall. This is when the insanity truly begins. You know how quickly things spread around high school. Everyone quickly hears about the magical wall, where everything written down comes true. It doesn’t take long before everything gets out of hand. Everyone in the school starts writing down their wishes. Eventually, someone writes about O on the wall. After he is hurt, Bam goes to clean the wall, only to discover that someone had written, “Whoever cleans this wall will die.” With everything officially out of control (if it wasn’t already), everyone freaks out and goes on a witch hunt when it is announced that Bam is going to clean the wall. After being chased by every student in the school, Bam finally writes, “I wish everyone would disappear” There you have it. Bam is left as the only person left in the world. Alone. Helpless.

This is another one of the better episodes. I gave it four stars, instead of 3 and a half simply because the ending was fantastic. Although much of this episode can get rather boring, it was the second part that really made this episode. I found the first half relatively boring. It was nothing but Bam following O around trying to get his attention and being jealous and angry of everyone else. The second part really showcases the consequences of the actions of using the wonderwall. This is where I felt the four and a half star rating was earned. More than anything, becoming the last person on Earth, only to disappear yourself, that is one hell of a consequence. I think that I really didn’t care for this episode the first time that I watched it, but going back to review it for this review, it was much better the second time.

Overall, these episodes are a pretty good bunch. The series itself is worth the watch. They have some pretty good twists and turns. I guess that is it for now. I will continue with these on Monday’s. I think there will be two more to cover the last episodes. Next week will cover 3 more stories, and the following Monday will be the final two episodes (which are personally my favorite two). So, until then guys…I see you next time. Thanks for checking out Girl From Nowhere.


7 thoughts on “Girl From Nowhere Episodes 4-7

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  1. Nice review! Love reading them.
    Side note though, perhaps you didn’t get some of the cultural nuances in episode 3. He paid the ultimate price by having his parents stripped of their dignity and dehumanised in front of him and his so called “friends”. In Thailand, they strictly uphold this virtue of filial piety, which is caring for, loving, and respecting your parents.
    It’s pretty evident that Dino loved and cared for his parents a lot (aside from the lying he seemed like a pretty good kid) so having the two person you love and respect the most treated like scum and beaten by your friends is pretty harrowing.
    His parents in the end pretended like nothing happened and even insinuated that they are keen for more “dhamma clubs”. He lied to everyone but himself. He has to carry that burden of truths (even if his parents are playing along with the lies) and the guilt of humiliating his parents will sit in his stomach like a 2T stone. Harsh punishment imo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am not familiar with the customs and traditions, so thank you for educating me about it. I agree with the punishment aspect. I know i couldn’t bear to be in his shoes.


  2. I really loved ep 4, I mean if I had the opportunity to make me and my family rich, I’d do the same thing. I like how in the end everything just works out for everyone. Tho this is is most likely because I dont like nanno. Yeah I might not he able to “relate” to them but I don’t care about relating to characters anyway. If I wanted that I’d go outside and actually meet people.


  3. Also I kind of feel you basing this reality when it isn’t kind hinders your enjoyment . I mean immortal daughters of satan dont exist so


    1. maybe that is a detail that I over looked. Maybe I was writing a lot of things that were more relatable when I wrote this so maybe that was why I kept trying to compare it to reality, but you are absolutely right. It is something that shouldn’t really be based on reality. Thanks for kind of given me a little more perspective. 🙂


  4. Episode 4 is really deep and you could probably miss some details in the ep. Like the part towards the end the hi-so friends give his parents a bunch of moneys and then it flasks forward to when he got home and he act like normal like nothing happened. While his parents and him clearly knew what happened and the camera switch to the bag of money and ending with nanno saying “what can money buy?”. That hits me really because despite knowing the truth and his parents being treated like that in front of him they could easily slide that off and act like normal because they received the “money”. Which reflects the society nowadays when even themselves can see what is wrong but got corrupted and lives within it. Meanwhile himself just to hold his position in the group he didn’t say or do anything but watching his parents being beaten up like that


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